Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday night grateful moment

For a week sans-Seth, it went pretty quickly. He's up at the Gonzaga basketball camp until Sunday, comes home Monday. Ah. So I'm grateful for that, which starts us off so nicely...

And also this week, grateful for the ability to get fired up about something. Most days I feel pretty mellow about stuff. I mean, I get irritated and annoyed, short with those closest to me (of course!) and bitchy, same as the rest of you (yes, you). But one night this week I was hoppin' mad. I kind of liked it. Husband kind of liked it (because it wasn't at him!). And then I simmered down. Ah well, all good things must end.

Grateful for varied weather. That's my way of saying I'm glad it wasn't 100 degrees ALL week. When big, strange rain droplets hit my face a couple different times this week, it was kind of fun, a novelty.

Grateful for cold drinks on hot weeks. My friend who owns a coffee drive-through place here in town gave me a bit larger of a granita this week than I asked for, and I hadn't had one in years. Well, now I'm addicted. Again. Sheesh. Doesn't take much for me, does it? I have taken to calling granita my gateway drug, but I'm not sure what it's going to lead to. I'll keep you posted. From granita rehab.

 Chief and Ruby wondering why they don't get to come out and play with the bunnies.

Grateful for the ability to slow down, not go 90 mph all the time... one evening this week I saw a baby bunny in the yard. I knew that to get anywhere close to it, I'd need to get down on the grass and wiggle my way slowly around to take pictures. Chief and Ruby watched me, and for about a half hour, I just wiggled, took a picture, wiggled some more... good thing I wasn't viewable (I don't think) from the road. Would have been an odd sight. But it was just so pleasant to lie there (between wiggles) and watch the bunnies--another one came out across the yard to play--and not worry about anything bigger than a furr ball the size of my hand.

Grateful for creative inspiration, everywhere. I posted a number of new (to me) sites yesterday that I am inspired by. I'm also always inspired by my friends who are photographers and post their pictures online--Larry in Spokane, Tyna in Portland, Kimberly in TriCities and Kimberly in Walla Walla. Each of them has their own style and personality that show through their work, and I'm frankly in awe of them. The picture at the top of this post is by Tyna. I love that perspective!

Proving once again that I loved rainbows before rainbows were cool, I fixated on a fabric I saw on Etsy and had to search for. And by fixated I mean I spent hours sleuthing around online, looking for it. No luck. Sigh. But, it led me to rainbow plaids and then rainbow shoes and then... well, it was a downward spiral of rainbows. I can admit that. But what am I grateful for there, you ask? Color. Always grateful for color. (Don't you think I need that rainbow swimsuit/superhero costume up there on the right? I think so too.)

Thankful this week for a sweet niece, Maizy, who turned 10 on Wednesday. Poor dear had to endure husband and I singing Happy Birthday over the phone. I'm sure she'll be traumatized for a while. We love Maizy's sweet ways, and her exuberance over all things dogs and cats and American Girl and crafts and her dog Beatrice and her friends. Happy Birthday, Maizy! I am sure the party is continuing on your vacation this next week!

I'm thankful for advances in technology. For some people (I live with one of them), status quo just won't do. They're always moving, thinking, wanting things to improve and grow. I was tickled to discover the changes to Google's image search and display this week. Have you checked that out? Such a stunning improvement from the past. Really much easier to scan larger groups of photos quickly, and preview pictures before you select one. All hail Google, ruler of the internets!

It was a music-swappin' week, and I acquired some lovely tunes from my two friends who swap with me. I am always grateful for the boost to my day that a good song can bring!

This tune was one I'd purchased in anticipation of Sara Bareilles' new album (out Sept. 7, I believe), but sure enough, Walla Walla Mama Music Jen had already added it to her summer mix as well. (My summer mix is called Mowing Music. Appropriate, don't you think?) Anyway, this tune has been going through my head all day. Can't wait for the rest of her album.

Happy weekend!


  1. So sleepy, I must lay my head down now and snooze...grateful too that it is the end of the week. Will share more tomorrow a.m.

    Love your list. Looking forward to winter when I won't feel compelled to be outdoors all day and then I can surf and play on my computer and paint and draw.

  2. Thanks for the new Sara recommendation! I just downloaded it too--what a fun song. Love to hear you got good and mad. :) xoxo


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