Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday night grateful moment

The joy of a short week is that it's short, right? A day got shaved off the "regular" week for the holiday, and somewhere around Tuesday morning I lost track... it's a good thing, I suppose, but I seemed to play catch up for the rest of the week... Any way we got here, we are at Friday, happily.

This week I'm grateful for:
Seth's safe and sound. He called just tonight from Flagstaff--they're back out of the Grand Canyon (rafted for 10 days solid!) and headed home tomorrow. It was so good to hear his voice, know that he had a good time, and that he's on his way back to us. Can't wait for the hug(s).

Warmth. Dare I say heat? Major heat. Still having issues keeping everything watered, but I'm happy enough with the sunshine. Gorgeous, radiant sunshine!

Water. I am so grateful to have water so easily accessible--imagine having to haul water from the nearest river, or pump it by hand? I may need to run hoses and sprinklers, but that's a far cry from trekking to the Walla Walla River with containers! Our pump guy is still on speed dial--I know we haven't seen the end of the issues; but between  now and the next time we're running dry, I'll take it. And not take it for granted.

Walks. Husband and I made it out for a lot of walks this week, early in the morning. Love the air in the morning, so clear and beautiful--feel like we've been waiting forever for these cloudless skies.

Figs. My thoughtful sister-in-law brought back the first fruits of Costco last night, in the form of figs. I don't think I've been quite so giddy in a while. Happy in fig-land am I. So far I've just been snarfing them straight, but I'm sure I'll break out the chevre and balsamic soon...

A good mix of work and play. You wouldn't believe the weeds I pulled on Tuesday; a whole trailer-full behind my little mower! Wednesday I had a bit of a play day--pedicures and pool time--and then Thursday it was back to a bit of work with a brownie/ice cream/berry extravaganza at work.

Friendship. Had a good-bye lunch today for a friend moving to Southern California next week. It was good to gather with some of her friends and former colleagues to wish her well, but also a bit sad, of course. I will miss Shauna quite a bit, and am so glad of our abilities to keep in touch.

Getting in my groove in the kitchen. I still really enjoy having lots going on, all at once. What is that? I don't want to do it every day again, but I do so like me some flat-out cookin' time. Tonight I caught up on the past two Top Chef episodes that I'd missed... what a lot of running around and cooking under pressure, it was a bit more than I need/want in my life, but it's so fun to watch. And I got some yummy ideas and a new technique to try too!

The power of prayer. I'm always better off for having spent quiet time with my Creator. Can count on that. The world looks different through a prayer filter, the silly nonsense of the world melts away just a bit and I can come back to center. I am reminded where I'm really headed, what really matters. Om.

A quote came my way mid-week that seemed particularly pertinent. Thanks, Sara! I appreciate the sentiments and acknowledge that indeed I do at times take my freedoms for granted.

"Posterity: You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom.
I hope you will make good use of it." 
-John Quincy Adams

Hope your weekend is headed in the right direction--straight to rest and relaxation and coolness! 

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  1. I love the one about the walks...Dave and I have been trying to do that after dinner whenever we eat together :-)


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