Saturday, July 31, 2010

Future files: Pretty pastel ice cream sandwiches

Would someone please have a baby so I can throw a shower? These just scream BABY SHOWER! (You know who you are, get on it. That little boy needs a sibling! Ha ha.)

Or, for a little girl birthday party... or for a fun summer afternoon activity. I'm envisioning them in rainbow shades... bet you didn't see THAT coming!

I discovered these ice cream sandwiches on yet another fun blog I recently discovered, Such Pretty Things. Prepare to enter Pretty Land, truly. And these sandwiches are the tip of the Pretty Iceburg! OK, enough Pretty Talk.


  1. My word, you do find yummy least very yummy to look at. Figured out what kind of cookies I am going to try for s'mores...coconut macaroons! With chocolate and marshmallow they should be quite delightful...I will let you know.

  2. These are adorable! I'm not much of a cook myself, but these look like a fun, messy, Summer project that will hopefully have a pretty result!


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