Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bits of My Weekend, Interrupted

Michelle, the host of "Bits of My Weekend," isn't posting this week (she has a good excuse, you can read about it here), so neither will I. Sort of. I'd already acknowledged to myself the extreme lack of photo-taking over the weekend, and I knew there wouldn't be a lot to share... not after the hoopla of last weekend, especially. So I have three little pictures to share...

This weekend was Mellow, with a capital M. Seth and I got home a day earlier from our Canada travels than we'd originally planned, so we were able to have a relaxing Friday night around the campfire. And yes, smoke still does follow beauty. Cough, sputter.

I had to admit, for probably the umpteenth time, that as much as I like the idea of s'mores I am not a huge fan of the reality. I like each individual piece, indeed, but together they pack more of a sweet wallop than I need... so one s'more definitely does it for me. Seth has developed into a patient marshmallow toaster, and was able to deliver a lovely golden morsel.

Saturday we all slept in, very lazy like. Essentially our day held a late breakfast, some napping (me) and reading and a flurry of afternoon cooking before a late lunch-supper. I made cherry-ricotta ice cream and while it was yummy, it was generally agreed that next time the cherries should be whizzed up (like I did with the figs) and not be quite so chunky.

Sunday was hot again! Big shock. Other than drag hoses around to catch a few brown patches in the lawn, there wasn't a lot of outdoor work done... other than at the pool. Seth had a friend along and we went to splish-splash for a bit before taking in Inception and enjoying that bit of summer movie intensity. There was also some trampoline jumping for the boys, and there's a Farming Game in full swing downstairs, so for some people, the weekend isn't really over yet, is it?

Hope yours was a lovely weekend, and I'm sure Bits will be back next week!


  1. Would love to get your ice cream recipes. Wondering if it would be good with bits of chocolate in it too? :P

  2. Looks like a good weekend to me...I was going to try something other than graham wafers for s'mores...gingersnaps or lemon wafers? Next time...

  3. Re: the ice cream...chocolate chunks would be good in any ice cream...good chocolate i.e.


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