Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday night grateful moment

Quite the week. Lots going on, plenty to distract me from Seth's absence for a few weeks while he's roadtrippin'... happy for the distractions!

Top of my mind tonight is that I'm grateful my wisdom teeth are finally out. They would bother me every once in awhile, but not a lot; and dentists have been urging me to get them out "whenever's convenient" for the past decade. Well, convenient is a relative term, eh? I'm glad it's over, glad I got to "sleep" through it--they claim I was awake but, whatever, don't really remember much at all, thankfully--and so grateful for my dear friend's wonderful nursing care throughout the day. We didn't really set it up like we'd spend the whole day together, but it just sort of happened, and as we'd finish one movie on Netflix, she'd change my little ice packs and we'd load up another... the day just kind of slips away on you... Well, I'm entirely grateful for Shauna. She even provided follow-up phone check-in today, kinda like my dentist! What a pro!

I'm grateful for a peaceful weekend ahead for husband and I. No specific plans other than maybe a movie (because I haven't been watching enough of those during my tooth convalescing!) on Sunday... It's been a long week for him, too, with lots going on on all fronts, so we'll relax and enjoy the sunshine (says she, hopefully, looking out on a strangely warm yet windy day...).

Grateful for the cherries we do have. Even though I don't really want to chew them right now, I will go out and pick what I can this weekend and maybe I'll be feeling up to a cobbler tomorrow or Sunday...

Grateful for the great weather we finally got this week. Not entirely consistent yet, but you can tell how nuts we all have been for the sun, we'll take what comes our way!

Thankful for our home and environs. When you're stuck IN your house, it makes you appreciate it more, I think. And to look out on the view, even though it's changed(ing) over time, it's still a beautiful view of the Blues...

I know I mentioned Greg Johnson awhile back, after I saw Last Chance Harvey and heard his song, "Looking Out On Monday Morning." Well, I continue to listen to his greatest hits collection while out in the yard, boppin' around on the mower, and wanted to share some other songs I enjoy. The first video's a little "romance-y" for me, but I like the style it's shot in at least, and I do love his lyrics. I'm always grateful to have music on my iPod that makes a few trips around the yard go by faster!

And here's another for good measure, just in case you haven't gone over to YouTube and started watching all of his videos yet...

Hope your weekend allows for all the things you need. That's what I'm banking on, for sure (for you AND for me!).


  1. great initial quote
    about the future
    & isn't listing
    such a powerful
    thankful hearts
    seeing splendor
    & beauty so near..
    have a great weekend!

  2. So happy for you now that you that wisdom tooth issue behind you. I know how hard it is to get around to doing these kind of necessary dental procedures. You are good to go now.


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