Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday night grateful moment

This week I am grateful for:
The best husband a girl could ask for.

* An amazing step-dad for my son. So blessed. And doubly blessed that the son knows so too.

* A thoughtful and loving son. I keep waiting for that teenage "thing," and knock on wood, nadda... so far. I'll take that.

* A very productive Monday and Friday. The rest of the week was not-so-much (let's blame the weather, shall we?), so for this week, I'll take what I got.

* Some great chill time with Seth. We tried to watch the original Karate Kid (too cheesy) and then he went with some kids to the update one (much better, according to Seth), I "assisted" in some Super Mario Galaxy action, and of course we bit off some crossword and solitaire action over breakfast out... and, we enjoyed some plain old relaxification. Good times.

*A safe business trip for husband, who got back from a couple of road days late Wednesday night. Safe travel: I don't take that for granted.

* A safe trip for me to Seattle and back just today. Again, not taken for granted. (Picture above was just after we landed tonight. Great flight, wonderful scenery over the mountains and farmland. Gorgeous.)

* A great organization to be a part of. We got to recognize a milestone/goal met today, a real team effort, and that felt good. The real celebration comes later in July. Par-tay.

* More and more fresh fruit and berries available. It's fabulous! Can't wait for a berry medley on my ice cream tomorrow.

* For ice cream maker replacement part companies. I'm glad I don't live in the days of "well, it's broke, guess it's done." That wouldn't be good for me--I seem to break many, many things... so glad I can order up a new paddle for my ice cream maker!

* For good friends for Seth. Something that makes a mom's heart very happy.

* For extended family, who are in our prayers every night. 

 * Sunshine today while I was in Seattle. To actually take my sweater off and feel the sun on my shoulders. Ah.

* A couple of hours to just wander and people watch (and wish I'd worn more comfortable shoes!).

* That I still feel young, even though I'm comparatively NOT. Spent time in the company of an early 20-something today... and was reminded (not by her, of course) that I am so not 25, even though some days I still feel that way.

* For peace in the comfort of family. Ready to chill now... hope you're doing the same.


  1. Sounds like a good week to me! Re: the 25-year-olds...Sherilee, I still feel like that many days in my heart and soul but woe is me...there are mirrors in the house!!! Just keep that young spirit happening.

  2. Oh you were but a stones throw away while I unpacked all your carefully wrapped dishes in my new house! Glad you got to enjoy the amazing weather we had. Happy weekend to you all over there. Much love.


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