Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday 13: Oh the randomness of it all!

Maybe I'm still on a tid-bit sharing binge since my post last night... but here's what's going on with me and in my brain these days... (read further at your own risk!)

1. I'm getting three wisdom teeth pulled in about an hour. I'm weirdly nervous about it, but trust it will all be OK and my chipmunk phase will be short and sweet. Send ice cream.

2. I am resolved that no matter how warm it gets any time soon, I will not complain about it. I was "glowing" the other night getting ready for the company picnic, and actually enjoyed the hot cheeks. (And the cool ice tea!)

3. I couldn't be happier about the amount of berries in the house. I'm also stocked up on yogurt so I see a lot of smoothies post-tooth-extraction.

4. My girlfriend who is my "person" to drive me home post-surgery (thanks, Shauna!) and I are planning to watch The Young Victoria sometime today. I have been looking forward to that girly flick--this is the same girlfriend who went to The Bright Star with me last year...we have a history of this kind of happy nonsense!

5. All of our irrigation fixes haven't really helped with water pressure when the field is being irrigated too. This is frustrating to me. Not if I stay home and water all summer, but if we're all ever gone and the alfalfa is being watered... who schedules vacations around alfalfa? Probably more than a few farmers, I guess...

6. Who else has too many clothes and nothing to wear? No, that's not an invitation for the What Not To Wear folks to come along and insult me. Just a sad fact of life. I buy all these separate pieces and nothing seems to go together, some days. Sigh. I know. What a baby.

7. Our cherry crop is a fraction of what it was last year, and what is there has been so picked over by blackbirds. I need me a little air rifle. I could sit there and... anyway. There's enough for me to have snacks now and again, and maybe a pie or cobbler over the weekend. But a far cry from the "pick all day and night and still not touch the whole crop" era of 2009.

8. I have been in such a menu-planning funk lately. Feel like we're on the pasta-pizza-tacos treadmill. But all this fresh stuff should surely jolt me out of that, don't you think? That and some serious food blog perusing too...

9. I continue to be amazed by how people treat each other. Just when I think I've heard/seen it all... well, not really. But I'm consistently surprised by the cruelty of humans to each other. I know that sounds melodramatic, but really, it's not. People are cruel. (Now I have an image of Cruella DeVille in my head that's going to take awhile to go away!)

10. I'm also consistently wowed by how resilient humans are too. Handy, what with the cruel people and all! Some kind of evolutionary thick-skinned phenomenon, probably. But from all kinds of loss and pain and just plain old tough circumstances, I see some really inspirational people and their stories never fail to move me.

11. My iPad continues to be a source of entertainment and delight. I know I'm just scratching the surface of what that little thing can do, but it's been fun so far.

12. I feel a little chagrined that I used to scoff the idea of Seasonal Affective Disorder. I don't scoff any more. I don't think I have it, but I'm pretty sure I know people who do.

13. The dog next door is getting trained. Maybe to do sheepdog trials? It's kind of fun to watch.

What's up with you? Let me know!

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  1. Good luck with your teeth! It must be something in the air - you are the third person I know who has had their wisdom teeth out in the last two weeks. Way to be on-trend! I'm wishing you a speedy recovery, lots of ice cream, and fun movie watching.

  2. I'm in a menu planning funk too. Lately our menu has consisted of whatever is on the take-out menus...

  3. Oh, I feel for you. I hope your wisdom teeth are removed without trouble or pain and that someone gives you lots and lots of ice cream.

  4. Thanks all, for your good tooth wishes. It's been going pretty well so far, but then the dentist called me tonight and told me to expect more swelling tomorrow. Not sure I needed to hear that... we'll see.

    Rachel--I had to laugh at your comment because I knew there are a few years between us and the dentist made a point today of telling me that healing is longer post-40. Again with the good news, this guy.

  5. Too many teeth being pulled at once, but I think that is how they usually do it. Hope everything went well.

  6. i have to update me about this ipad the hype is making me insane!

  7. Hi,

    My sister is going through the same pain i.e. wisdom teeth but as we live together I always carry liters and liters of Ice-cream

    Hope you both goanna get outta wisdom teeth pain thingy



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