Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday 13: Thirteen upbeat songs!

Last week I did the mellow music, this week it's the upbeat. Don't worry, it's not "rockin'" (mostly), it's just upbeat, sometimes even barely... I rarely listen to the really beat-heavy, good-for-running music... maybe every once in awhile when out on the mower!

I have especially enjoyed this music this week, as I've been out getting the yard into springy shape. I'm sure a neighbor or two has driven by and wondered who on earth is that crazy lady burning tumbleweeds and dancing around with a rake!

Like last week, the song link goes to YouTube, the musician link to

1. "Looking Out on Monday Morning" by Greg Johnson. I have his greatest hits on repeat on my iPhone!

2."Yes Man" by Eels and Munchausen by Proxy. The song link is for the version from the movie, with Zooey Deschannel singing--I couldn't resist. Anything Zooey...

3. "Hey Soul Sister" by Train. I know I've mentioned this song before, and posted a video of it, but it's one catchy tune!

4. "Never Had Nobody Like You" by M. Ward featuring Zooey Deschannel. Love this duo.

5. "No One Said This Would Be Easy" by The Postmarks

6. "Halo/Walking on Sunshine" by the Glee cast. Great mash-up from a fun show.

7. "Running on Sunshine" by Jesus Jackson.

8. "Shine" by Take That. This is one OLD band. But I still like them, especially this song, which they sang at the 10th anniversary Lady Diana memorial... even though one of the band members has recently copped to a Tiger Woods in England. A real stellar chap.

9. "So What" by Pink. Where was this song seven years ago? Pink rocks, tis true. And amazingly, she's also made up with the husband that she wrote this song about!

10. "Where Do We Go From Here," by Sandrine.

11. "Sunshine" by Keane.

12. "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas. This never fails to get me in a movin' mood.

13. "Cellophane" by Ashley Slater. This song will forever be linked to my California trip last spring, and driving up the canyon to my friend Corinne's lovely house.

Thus concludes my musical postings for a few minutes... now back to food... and other sundry interests.

For more Thursday 13s, go here. Happy TT!

AND! My dad is participating in Thursday 13 this week. My parents are here visiting and on the way here, he became rather enamored with the frog motif in a town to the south of us in Oregon--he now knows much more about that town than I do, and I've lived here for more than 20 years... He has posted a tour of the frogs. Check it out.


  1. Music to garden by? :-)
    Good collection.

    My TT: The One That Got Away

  2. great choice for songs to be listed!
    thanks for visiting mine.
    thursday 13

  3. Great music!! Gotta love Train

  4. Hi, that's cool classic songs. I like upbeat and definitely like to dance or just emote with it. :-)

    My Thursday Thirteen thoughts

    Have a happy Friday! :-)

  5. OH my gosh! Your dad's post about my hometown frogs is a hoot. My dad, a longtime MF resident, is not a fan. We try not to mention the frogs in his presence.


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