Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday 13: Here I am now, entertain me

There a many, many places to waste time online, 'tis true. But as with everything, some are more worthy of time-wasting than others. 

Here are 13 places I go when I just want to get away, have a little laugh, and be entertained. And sometimes, even learn a little. I don't have to visit these every day, by any means... just haul them out every once in awhile to amuse and distract me.

These are somewhat in order of favorite...

1. Quote Book. It's inherited, I guess, this quote thing. And I can't claim to like every quote that comes my way, but browsing through this collection, I always find a few to tuck away for future reference. Some are represented as straight text, some as art/word combos. Oh joy!
2. Twitter. I know I've referenced Twitter before, many times. I love it more now than I ever have, and find good information as well as entertainment. It's all in who you follow, truly.

3. Today's BIG Thing. Viral videos, delivered daily. Usually amusing.

4. The Laugh Button. Also amusing.

5. Tastespotting. This aggregate site is full of good food ideas. I can sit and drool for hours. It leads to some really great food blogs, too. Yum.

6. Etsy. I could get lost in Etsy, for hours. So many great sites, great products, great artists. I even did a Thursday 13 about 13 of my favorite Etsy shops a while back. Happy shopping!

7. Good. Some really good (ha ha) articles here. From pieces like Overcoming the Cult of Leadership to pondering the value of Jamie Oliver's TV show, there's always something worthwhile to read.

8.  MamaPop. OK, so this one is a little light and fluffy. But there are some pretty funny posts about all things pop-culture related; I  have particularly enjoyed posts in the past relating the The Bachelor franchise (nice and irreverent). There's also a MamaPop community called Sparkle Motion. How cool is that?

9. Top Cultured. This site covers really important topics like the 10 actors who ruined movies and 20 homemade things that shouldn't be homemade. You know, really critical issues.

10. Bored Panda. Lots of fun tidbits and collections on this site.

Check out this video of a rainbow book. It's very cool!

But there are lots of other entertaining posts, like this one of pencil sculptures.

Bored Panda also gives time to some other unique topics, like high-speed water photographs, hyper-realistic sculptures, and even flags of various countries made out of food. Wild stuff!

11. Failbooking. This one isn't for kids (language). It's Facebook gone wrong. Hilarious. The stupidity of humans, on display.

12. Indexed. I love the way this site thinks!

13. Graph Jam. Very much like Indexed, this site graphs the silly and mundane.

What fun sites do you visit? Let me know! I'm always up for another to add to the RSS feed list!

Happy TT. For other Thursday 13 followers, go here.


  1. Gosh, I didn't even know those sites existed. That is a great list.

  2. Thanks for those sites--I bookmarked the quote book one!

  3. Hey, you added that Link Within thing! I love that! It's kind of a time-suck, though, because I end up looking at one post after another and all of a sudden I've missed my naptime. Please get rid of it. ;)

    I forgot about that graph site--I love it. So fun.

  4. I love Tastespotting! How about this one:

  5. Wow! I got into 20 homemade things that shouldn't be made at home... and it was like deja vu. I think I could make up some similar ones. Pretty bad! Like the time I accidently fell a tree onto the power line and then got the tree off without de-energizing the line... and still lived to tell about it. Is there a reason women live longer than men, eh?

    But I really liked the quote site. Love good quotes. Like the one by Warren Buffett... "Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked." Do you think Goldman Sacks is looking for swimwear?

  6. Okay, another site that is really funny (when things get slow at my office, my co-worker and I laugh so hard at this one!)

    Although it's not always "kid friendly". Just a warning!!


    Have a great weekend!


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