Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday night grateful moment

We ended the week on a gloriously sunny note, so I'm going to choose to ignore the cold, wet, drab days that took place earlier in the week. (It's like I tell Seth about Heidi Montag: she doesn't exist--to me. You can play dumb like you don't know who she is, but we all know you know. But to me, regardless of how many magazine covers she's on--she doesn't exist. She's a figment. Of someone's imagination... The mind is a powerful tool!)

Meanwhile, back in my reality: it's been sunny! Yes, it has...

Here's my list of things I'm grateful for this week!

Look at that garden! I am so grateful that I can call up a guy and he arrives with his tractor and 5-foot rototiller attachment and a half hour later my garden is beautiful and tilled and ready for plants and seeds! I swear that's the best $55 I've spent in ages.

I am so thankful that we had some extra Seth time these past couple of weeks. So good.

I am thankful for my purple tulips, that they have lasted so well this week!

I am thankful for Seth's teachers. He's got such a good group this year--it doesn't take much for him to like school, but this year it's been especially good; certain learning fires have been lit! (Now we just need to light a few organizational and forgetfulness fires, and we'll be good to go.) And I know too that they care about his well-being; that means a lot to a mom.

I'm thankful that we had such a great family get-together last weekend, both my immediate family and then with extended folks too. Family is just lovely. You can all come back now, OK?

I'm thankful for straightforwardness.

I'm grateful for serendipitous meet-ups--just tonight at a gathering, my husband saw some old family friends he hadn't seen in almost 20 years. And oddly enough, so did I. Very out-of-the-blue, but lovely.

I'm thankful for editing. I love going back over writing--usually poetry, but generally anything I've written--and fine-tuning it, taking out words. I tend to be a bit chatty on the rough draft. You hadn't noticed? How kind. 

I'm grateful to husband for all his thoughtful ways, even with his plate full-to-overflowing lately.

I saw a video this week I just had to share. My mom's cousin Jeanne forwarded it to me and it's just a precious example of what is possible with the belief that one person CAN make a difference. Touched my heart, totally.

I'm thankful for memories, happy ones and sad. Can you imagine not having any memories at all? I wouldn't enjoy that. And, it seems, the sad memories make the happy ones all that much more sweet.

I'm grateful for my friends. From near to far, close to more occasional, I am thankful for them all. Those cats above? Sometimes I'm the one on the bottom, sometimes I'm the one on the top. That's what I love about friends.

I haven't thrown in a gratuitous rainbow image in awhile, have I? Well, let that trend stop right now. Rainbows for everyone! Here's another, just to make up for lost rainbows.

Happy weekend. You are loved. xo


  1. The mind *is* a powerful tool... and so is/are Speidi. Ugh.

    I read the one paragraph as running into "family" (not friends) and got a little giggle with a picture in my head of the two of you introducing each other to your long-lost family and finding out they're the same people and you're related. It's just how my twisted mind works. I was QUITE disappointed when I re-read it. But you're welcome to steal the idea for a future April Fool's post. ;) xoxo

    Have a great weekend, dear one!

  2. Loved that tractor and rototiller for $55. Wow!!

    So much to be thankful I was wondering what kind of tree I would plant to honor you and your husband and tree for you three! I think it should be something that blooms!

  3. Loved this post, friend. The service video made me teary. Your mom's comment is so sweet too.

    Shirley, definitely something that blooms. :-)

    Enjoy the weekend. Hugs, M.

  4. i just love your list! so nice to see. i am delighted by all of these photos too. you've really put a smile on my face! thank you for being so inspiring. i can't wait to stop by your blog again!

    best wishes,

  5. I love your blog and especially your Friday night grateful moments--I am going to start doing that--what a perfect way to end the week--life goes by so fast we sometimes forget our grateful times--thank you for being such an inspiration.

  6. love your rainbows & purple tulips & all that colorful gratitude. xo


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