Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday morning tidbits

Before we head out to tackle the yard, a few random thoughts to share from the weekend so far:

How cool is this Arrested Development poster? From a banana stand far, far away...

Had a lovely catch up with an old friend (who I hadn't seen in almost 2 years) last night at Olive. They make some amazing hummus there... and very pleasant ambiance too.

My brother posted an op-ed on the Nike ad featuring Tiger Woods over on his blog. Check it out. I'm pretty "meh" about the ad. Whatever. Kind of how I've always felt about Tiger himself... until recently. I'd be happy to see all umpteen of his "women" chase him around with a golf club. Heh.

I'm more about making fun! Check out these clips from Colbert and Jimmy, with their versions of the ad. More heh heh.

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Tiger's Nike Commercial
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In lighter entertainment news, Seattle was apparently inundated with flash mob dancers of the Glee variety yesterday. How crazy are these Gleeks?

I guess they were inspired by a recent Glee flash mob event in Rome:

Crazy exhibitionists! I say that knowing there's no way I could learn the steps and keep up, even in a group dance. I can barely pose for a pole dance, while being heavily coached....

We're off to prove our mastery over the yard, before watching the Masters. Well, I won't be actually watching, per se. It will be on and I will know it is happening. That's about all I need from golf on television... unless I'm looking for a nap. And depending on how it goes with the yard tackle, I could very well be looking for a nap...


  1. posing for a pole dance - while being coached? yup the imagery is confusing... Is that Sher?

  2. I loved the Gleeks in Seattle. I laughed out loud at the guy in the button down and tie. He was shaken it!

    Good luck in the yard. I made your first grateful list photo (the useless things one) my desktop photo. I am off for day two of operation anti-hoarding.

  3. Aunty M--look further down to the chemo cupcake post... that will explain it. Or not!

  4. equilibrium returned - sorry to have missed earlier post - you looked great and no coaching could have made it better!
    yes I am jealous of the cupcake holder as well - lovely!
    now if you had referenced your comment to the previous post I could have looked - curiosity being what it is - and not made you think that I was attempting to make rude assertions rather confused assertions.

  5. i desperately want that arrested development poster


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