Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday night grateful moment

Ah. The house is full of loved ones, but headed toward quiet... What a week! Long in some ways, short in others... but as always, a week with much to be thankful for:

* So thankful husband is home safe from his business trip. Missed him a lot. Heaps. Bunches.

* Grateful for family who have traveled to see us this weekend--my brother, sis-in-law and girls as well as my mom and dad! Already some good laughs around the dinner table... looking forward to more tomorrow!


* Grateful for this warmer weather. Even if some days it's hard to know what to wear (layers!) and it changes every 15 minutes, it's still nice to be dealing in the 60s rather than the 50s... (that's me, the little lamb leaping for joy!).

* Seth and I have have been talking about making a difference in other people's lives, showing them what love looks like, what God can look like though human interaction. I am thankful for people who show me love, in different ways, every day. And I am especially grateful to be able to show love too, even on days when I might not feel like it, or be hard-hearted. Who, me? Hmmm. Yeah.

* I'm grateful for laughter. Gut-busting, happy, almost-can't-stop laughter.

* I'm grateful for energy. My mom came into the house today, saw me zooming about and asked me if my thyroid is acting up. Ha. Very funny, Ma. (I did have an incidence a few winters back when my thyroid meds seemed off and I was quite the wired bunny.) Not so in this case, I'm thinking. Might have been that third cup of coffee this morning, though...

* Speaking of coffee, I'm grateful for friends who carve time out of their busy, busy lives to catch up and chat. And just be. And grateful too for ladies who share some of my wordiness (in a good way) and like to think about life from that perspective.

* I'm always grateful to be a part of the the organizations where I give my time, but this week I was especially struck by both organizations and the work they do. While vastly different from each other, both the Blue Mountain Humane Society and Children's Home Society of Washington are difference-makers, and I've learned a lot about the power of relationships, and the power of action, from both of them.

* I'm grateful for the mornings, and all I've been able to get accomplished in the early morning hours. I love getting to noon and seeing the to-do list has a lot already crossed off!

* I'm grateful for my son. He's a joy. Even when he's not, he is. Does that make sense? Perhaps not, but tis true.

* I'm grateful for the happiness I get from being in the kitchen, having too many things going on and keeping track of it all. It makes my little multitasking brain so very happy. It makes me (almost) miss the days of catering...

* I'm grateful for ideas and inspiration. I never tire of the TED talks. Here's one I really appreciated this week. If you've got a kid, especially one that doesn't necessarily "fit the mold" school-wise, this is an encouraging and inspiring talk:

* I'm grateful for sleep, and that I'm going to go get a big bucket of it, very soon....

Wishing you peace for your weekend, and a celebration of some kind. If you don't think you have something to celebrate, look around. I bet you do.

Images all from Across the Universe.


  1. I love your grateful posts!

    I love this idea: "showing them what love looks like"

    But most of all...I LOVE that sheep picture! It made me giggle :-) Have a great weekend :-)

  2. I am so very grateful for our mutual love of words and our time together. Oh, and thanks for showing me the blogging ropes. I also made homemade croutons last night and the kids went nuts for them. :) you inspire me


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