Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday 13: Right now!

Janet posted along these lines last week, so I'm borrowing! It's kind of an amalgam of late Wednesday night, early Thursday morning, but here's what's going on with me:

1. I am thinking… a lot about parenting a teenager. Nothing too stressful or unique, just a bit of new territory.

2. I am thankful for… the amazing sunset we had just last night. And the two rainbows that preceded it. And the amazing storm clouds and wind, and our beautiful valley.

3. From the kitchen… things are kind of quiet after the busy-ness of making breakfast for work on Tuesday. Livin' off leftovers for another day, or two! (But it does smell a bit like popcorn from last night...)

4. I am wearing… yellow plushie robe. Warm.

5. I am creating… more structure for my days. Wish me luck!

6. I am going… take Seth to go see my Grandma for Mother's Day and just learned my aunt from Oregon is going to be there as well. Should be a great trip!

7. I am reading… the book of John. And The Kind Diet. And Wit's End. And The Politician. And The Help. Time to narrow down and prioritize!

8. I am hoping… that this will be the summer that Ruby stops chewing everything in sight. I just caught her wandering around with some random hummingbird feeder piece in her mouth today and just about lost it. Serenity now!

9. I am hearing… birds and breeze. Well, wind. But breeze sounded so much more melodic.

10. Around the house… it's a daily battle against the mail and the "stuff." I'm winning, but it's a battle.

11. One of my favorite things… phone calls from Seth! Last night!

12. A few plans for the rest of the week… Coffee with a friend tomorrow, Seth's band concert tomorrow night, coffee on Friday (Again? Two coffees? Socialite stuff, you know, very typical.) and maybe head out to Joseph on Friday...

13. A picture to share…

From our salsa event at work last summer. Makes me want sunshine and 80-degree weather, like, NOW!

Happy Thursday 13! For more participants, click here.


  1. That is great to be going with Seth to celebrate Mother's Day with Grandma... and to see Sheila is a bonus! Enjoy every minute.

  2. You will have a good time in to hear about life in your that blue top you are wearing, very salsa! (at least Mexican) and Ruby tells me she is about to be good! (We had a little chat when we were resting on the lawn a couple weeks ago)

  3. Great list! The dog is ADORABLE!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Yay for The Kind Diet!! I would love to know what you think about it. I love it and have been cooking like mad from it. I'm surprised at how little time the recipes take and they are super delicious.

  5. I hear the hum of my laptop and still spring peepers. I had a bit of a stressor today...a bulldog got loose and came charging after my dogs. No blood, no hurt, but it scared the pee out of me!

  6. I like your list! :)

    Salsa is pretty much the most amazing thing on Earth... right below chocolate. ;)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!



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