Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday 13: Thirteen favorite Etsy shops (right now)

I love Etsy. There are so many different shops and creative types! You'll be able to tell my particular propensities (if you didn't already know them) of print and fabric and color and occasional shiny pretty things. I find these shops featured on various design and crafty blogs, and appreciate very much that Etsy allows reader-shoppers to "favorite" shops as well as individual items.

Here are my 13 current favorite shops:

 1. Kristiana Parn by krisblues. This is the very first shop I "favorited," and I love it still. The bunnies! If I were ever in the market for a nursery again, I'd do it in these bunnies!

 2. Lush fresh design by yogagoat. Beautiful pottery!

3. Primele. Calligraphy to aspire to.

4. Dingbat Press. Wonderful letterpress designs.

5. Tiny Toadstool. Wool mittens and such, very creative and colorful.

6. Polka and Bloom. I just love their embroidery patterns. Again with the color!

7. WonderFluffShop. Fabric! Fat quarters galore. Heaven for a budding quilter...

8. Lisa Hopkins Design. I love words... and jewelry... together!

9. Red Letter Words. Of course I think to myself: I could do that! But will I? Probably not. Nice to know where I can find these creative pieces.

10. Bbel. More pretty jewelry.

11. Lupine Handmade. Fun and funky felt pieces.

12. Begurple designs. Fun fabric creations--hair clips and stuff like that. More color!

13. Emma Lamb. Crocheted pieces, from pillow covers to rugs.

Happy TT! For more Thursday 13 participants, go here.


  1. Curse you! I don't need more stuff to covet! 12/13 of these are new to me and I shall now spend my entire day on etsy, thankyouverymuch. Here's hoping your day's more productive than mine! :)

  2. I'm off to look at those words!!!

  3. At the moment, I am into the shops with the headpieces. Although, I try to stay away from etsy in general. Too addicting. ;)

  4. What delightful "shops". Thank you for sharing.

  5. oh my goodness, these look like SO MUCH FUN!!! love the flower mitton, the green felt, the's really all fabulous! thank you so much for sharing these treasures!!!

  6. Wow, I love *all* your favorite shops!!!

  7. I just joined your blog "followers". And I realized I was the lucky 13th follower!

  8. Jen--so glad to be of service! Hope you got NOTHING done today. That was my goal.

    Jehara--I like the headpieces too, to look at. I just can't see myself wearing them...

    Rachel--Like I said on your blog, if only I'd known about your etsy shop when I posted...

    Mieko--Ditto! Thanks for the follow!

  9. i love your favs...lisa hopkins is a favorite of mine as well! laura


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