Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday night grateful moment

A week on vacation... what's not to be grateful for?

I'm especially grateful for  my brother today, as it's his birthday. Happy birthday, Shelby. You are, and always have been, a great big brother.

In honor of Shelby, I found a couple of fun videos with brothers front and center. Very cute. In the second one, I think I WAS that little sister. Ha ha. Sorry, Shelby.

I am grateful for my men; this week away with them has been relaxing and very fun. From driving on the beach to walking on the beach, going out to eat, playing dominoes, working on crosswords, playing tennis and watching movies, it's been so relaxing and exactly what we all needed.

I'm grateful for my little rituals of wandering around this tourist town (though it's not quite the same without you, Ma!). I hit the highlights yesterday afternoon and was talking with my SIL Kim at the same time... and taking pictures of my springy green coat to show her while we talked.

Isn't that the coolest little shop I'm in while taking pictures? Check it out: Sesame and Lillies. My other SIL introduced me to it, and it's a must to visit whenever I'm in town.

And no stroll is complete without a stop at the candy store or the bakery. True story. I am now back on the trail of figuring out how to make that fabulous apple cinnamon bread again. And this time I will NOT be deterred by my own ADHD when I get home. I swear. (Squirrel!) (Up reference, in case you're not in the know.) After tasting it again this trip, I'm convinced I can make it, but better (meaning, more apples!).

I'm grateful for storms, even if the power goes off. It was a good kind of family challenge to deal with no power on Monday.

I'm grateful for spring, even though it has felt more like November or December than April the past couple of days. I am looking forward to getting home and establishing some yard routines for the spring and into the summer.

I'm grateful for times of self-reflection. They may not come at the most convenient of times (hello, it's 1 a.m., I'd like to be sleeping, self!), but they are necessary and can really help me get on track with my priorities.

I'm grateful for music. Again. Always. I discovered a new artist, Diane Birch, when Guy Kawasaki tweeted on Thursday about this fabulous one-take video. Low and behold, not only is the video cool, but the artist is a breath of fresh air too.

Here's the video:

And here's the really fun "making of" video:

If you're anything like me, you'll watch the video, then watch the "making of," and need to go back and watch the video again. Quite fun.

I'm grateful for Easter, that we'll be home tomorrow night in time to celebrate with brunch Sunday morning with husband's family. And that some of my extended family are gathering in B.C. to celebrate Grandma, who turns 91 on Monday. Happy celebrating, fam!

And, like with Christmas, I'm grateful for the real reason we celebrate--bunnies and chocolate and egg hunts aside.

He is Risen! He is Risen indeed!

Have a blessed weekend.

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