Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday night grateful moment

Longish week around here (see image above). Some challenges on the farm-front. But some good stuff too, of course!

We're headed into spring break. How fabulous is that? I am grateful for a whole week, with a weekend on each end, with my men. Sweet!

I am grateful for our wonderful sunsets lately. They are quite fitting for driving off into... haven't done that yet, but have been tempted.

I'm grateful for perseverance and hard work. We had an irrigation crew here this week tackling what seemed to be a simple project, but as it went along there were complications and mysteries and unknown factors. I'm talking about pipe here, folks. This should be simple. But it wasn't. Yet the owner dude kept on it until a solution was found. And, we have water going to all the right places at the right times once again.

I'm grateful for reminders. Because, frankly, I need them. I seem to have the attention span of a gnat, some days. Did you see Modern Family this week, with the whole ADHD thing... hmmm. I can relate!

I am so thankful for husband, and our lunchtime rituals. I know people who don't get to see their spouse all day and I guess that might work (even be a good thing) for them (or, of course, maybe they don't have a choice); I like a little mid-day viewing of the significant other.

I am thankful for support and friendship. I really have the best friends. I know people who have to deal with catty, competitive friends (not sure friends is the right word to use there) and I just know I'm so grateful to not have THAT. Whether I see a dear friend once a week or once a year, I am blessed for the interaction.

I'm grateful for coffee. One of my favorite aspects to every morning. It's completely ritualized for me. Heaven in a cup.

I'm thankful for blue jeans. I'm in a bit of a dress-down phase right now and it feels good. I don't usually look appropriate to visit husband at work most days (yes, that casual!), so occasionally I have to throw on something decent. (Side note: in my spring cleaning recently, I pulled out an old box of blue jeans from just 5-7 years ago. Oh wow. How dated! Did we really wear jeans like that so recently? "Mom Jeans." Yikes. Well, maybe it was just me and no one thought to tell me. Thanks. Maybe I take it back about the "I have such good friends" comment above. Or not. Maybe you were wearing them too...)

I'm thankful for Twitter. I know, Twitter has its haters. But I never fail to get some good information or at the very least a good chuckle. It's easy to get addicted and sucked into it, so Twitter boundaries (would that be Twoundaries?) are necessary. But once you have those in place, it's a fun little addition to the world.

Still in love with (thankful for!) my Daisy perfume. Is it wrong to say that I like to smell myself? I hope not. You know what I mean.

Can you make out the words in the picture above? When I saw it I just knew I had to grab it and use it! Because that's what I wish for you, every weekend.

All images (except the sunset and Twitter bird) are from Across the Universe.


  1. great quotes!
    i love the colorful one about doing random acts of kindness.
    i love your ritual of reflecting on things your grateful for every friday night.
    may your tribe increase.

  2. you may or may not know that i have been following you. very new to this whole blog thing. honestly, i'm not on the computer much but happened to see your blog link on your facebook page and was introduced to blogger. i thought it was the neatest thing and have so enjoyed reading your blog. you have inspired me to try my hand at it although mine shall never measure up - my sisters and i can use this to keep updated. i so miss the days of uca and i wish that we had kept in touch. we seem to have had more in common than i had known. once again great blog!

  3. Aww, this was like taking a warm bath of gratitude! So soul-soothing. That quote about a good deed being worth more than intention really hit home with me. I'll have to keep that one close to my heart.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Cheree--thanks so much for your comment. It's nice to be in touch with you and I look forward to reading your blog too! It can be a lot of fun, and sometimes actually feels like work... but mostly it's just fun. xo

  5. Amanda--thanks for finding me. Nice to have the green thing in common with another person! Love your etsy store, and will check out your blog too.

  6. OK, read the article on Mom Jeans...that is one article of clothing that is a major challenge for me to find...decent jeans, i.e. Wish me well.

    Love your grateful moments...I too am grateful for more than can be measured. I call it a full heart!

  7. I so enjoy your grateful moments!

    Modern Family is SO funny!!!

    And I love my incense-y, spicy smell, too :-) LOL and how funny that my word verification is "priest"!


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