Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bits of My Weekend: Volume 2

Friday night flowers from my husband.

Asparagus pesto pasta. So yummy. Will post soon.

First flowers in the yard.

Stealthy as I could be... still the bunny runs.

The greening of spring.

Crazy wild dog.

My boy is in red, jumping.

I need to work on my photography lighting in dark gyms...
but I love this shot of Seth and had to share.

The Game of Life on the iPod. I always lose my job. I know, shocking.

Farm equipment, ready to roll.

A great weekend, with sunshine start to finish. For more Bits of My Weekend, see here.


  1. Loved your pics. The flowers coming out of the ground and the bunny made me sigh and believe that spring really is around the corner:-)

  2. you are so inspiring me to get a real camera and start taking some decent pix, sher! just love your images here...the bunny and the buds...and your little man jumping makes me so happy!

    also, to all...i can personally vouch for her pesto asparagus pasta. AMAZING.


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