Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Get over yourself, Lindsay

I have been loving those E-trade ads lately... so much fun, such cute babies.

So the news on the ad below is that Lindsay Lohan thinks this ad is about HER. So she's suing. How's that for narcissism? 

What do you think? Is that Lindsay Lohan the milkaholic interloper at the end of the ad, or is she imagining things? Whatever, Lindsay. I say go clean up your room.

OK, back to regular programming.


  1. I love the ad! It's hilarious. You are right about Lindsay. She definitely needs to clean her house...

  2. Aren't they just the sweetest babies? Gotta love them. They are true heart warmers!!!

  3. Oh, Lindsay. Sometimes? Sometimes, it's not about you.

    My captcha is "dryski." HAHAHA!


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