Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday 13: Mellow spring music

It's been a bit since I've done a music post, other than to post videos occasionally.

Here are my current favorite 13 mellow songs in my iTunes right now (the upbeat ones will come next week!). Some of these I may have already posted as a video favorite, but when I get a favorite, it's quite tenacious. Many of these songs have gotten into my brain and won't go away. In a good way.

Links for the song go to YouTube, or you'll see the video itself here. Links for the artist go to

1. All Will Be Well. Gabe Dixon Band
2. Late. Ben Folds This is a tribute to Elliot Smith. (Quite melancholic, but beautiful.)
3. Know This (featuring Scar). The Remnant. (We're pretty much addicted to this song around here.)

4. The Book of Love. Peter Gabriel (Yes, I am sappy. I've never claimed otherwise.)
5. I Have Loved You Wrong. The Swell Season

6. Funny Little Frog. God Help the Girl
7. Man of the Hour. Norah Jones
8. A Friend Like You. Joshua Radin
9. All Of My Days. Alexi Murdoch (This wins the award for video and music not going together AT ALL. Humorous how that happens on YouTube rather frequently.)

10. I Don't Know A Thing. Lucy Schwartz
11. Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight. Amos Lee

12. All At Sea. Jamie Cullum (This was on the first album of Jamie's that I bought and I have very sentimental memories of where I was in my life when I listened to this song most.)

13. First Day of My Life. Bright Eyes. (I originally posted a video that featured stop-action animation to this song. I still love that, but this video is so sweet I just had to post it. This may be one of my favorite songs. Ever. But I say that about alot of songs.)

Happy TT! For more Thursday 13 participants, go here.


  1. Some of my favs!

    Have a great Thursday!

  2. I don't know a one of them! But I have heard of the musicians :-)

  3. The movie clip may be a little sappy, but there's nothing sappy about Peter Gabriel. He pays his dues.

  4. Thanks for the list! I've been looking for some new tunes.


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