Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Table Topics #5: 20 pounds or celery?

The question I pulled for this week is kind of a no-brainer, for me: Would you rather live on celery or be 20 pounds overweight?

Um. I'll take that extra 20, Bob, thanks.

Not only do I not enjoy celery (it's only passable with a good dallop of peanut butter), I also can't really imagine eating only ONE thing indefinitely. And if I did have to choose one thing, it couldn't possibly be celery. Maybe pesto pasta. Or guacamole. Or pizza. Or tacos. Notice none of those items are a single ingredient... and none of them are really in the healthy category. Hence the extra 20, I guess.

I'm not saying weight isn't important... to me. It is. Kind of. But not to the detriment of my widely varied and highly subjective menu planning. So you can stick that in your jar of peanut butter and bite it, Table Topics!


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