Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday music meme

So Jen stole a meme from her friend Chris (and it appears he did the same!). So I'll keep it moving. I'm looking to delay starting my workout this morning, so I'll use up a few minutes fiddling around on my iphone...

The rules:
* Turn on your music player or computer.
* Go to SHUFFLE songs mode.
* Write down the first 30 songs that come up–song title and artist–NO editing/cheating.

Jen also made a crack about my new-ish (actually a hand-me-down, but why split hairs?) iphone being the 26th ipod to join my collection... a well-deserved crack, and one that made me snort my coffee, but I must protest just slightly, ever so slightly...

This list is from my iphone, which has a great deal of music, but not my entire collection. So it should bring up stuff I really like, as opposed to strange one-off downloads from itunes Free Music Tuesday! We'll see. I can't say I'll stand by every song, but very close...

1. Tracy Chapman, Fast Car
2. Ingrid Michaelson, Little Romance
3. Fleetwood Mac, Big Love
4. Everything but the Girl, 25th December
5. Joni Mitchell, You Turn Me On I'm a Radio
6. Amy Grant, Abide With Me
7. U2, All That You Can't Leave Behind
8. The Rongetz Foundation, Almost
9. Chris Rice, The Old Rugged Cross
10. The Shins, Mine's Not a High Horse
11. Stevie Wonder, You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
12. JMDee Beat, A Fool Like Me
13. S-Tone Inc., Dreamer
14. OMD, If You Leave
15. Michael Buble, Home
16. Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack, Ringa Ringa
17. The Bird & The Bee, How Deep Is Your Love (I love this cover!)
18. Goldfrapp, Beautiful
19. The Pfeifer Broz. Orchestra, Sex and the City Movie Theme
20. Fleetwood Mac, Everywhere
21. Sarah McLachlan, Fallen
22. John Denver, Poems, Prayers and Promises
23. Norah Jones, Come Away With Me
24. Elton John, I Want Love
25. Rachel Lampa, Blessed
26. Carole King, The Reason
27. Fernando Ortega, Be Thou My Vision
28. Big Bang, Yo Yo Jazz
29. Ingrid Michaelson, The Way I Am
30. Paolo Nutini, New Shoes

Yep, that's pretty much it. No real surprises. A little weighted toward a jazz collection that I ripped from Corinne when I was in California this spring, but pretty much everyone else is on there very intentionally... I'm sure it would be quite a different story if I did it off my entire itunes library, which right now has enough music that I could listen for 312 days straight and not repeat. Yikes. That includes books and videos too, but still, that might just qualify as a sickness... I have my excuses, but they are pale.

I'd love to hear what your music shuffle brings up too!

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