Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday 13: 13 summer salads I love!

Here is a great list by an all-time wonderful chef, Mark Bittman: 101 Simple Summer Salads. Looking it over, and salivating, of course, it made me think of my favorite summer salads... some you may even find on his list. We're that much alike, Mark and I. Well, I can always dream.

1. Greens with figs, chevre, hazelnuts and balsamic. Couldn't see that one coming, could you?

2. From-garden tomatoes with basil, pinenuts and parmesan. Who needs pasta? This is great all on its own.

3. Greens with raspberries, blue cheese and walnuts.

4. Fresh steamed green beans, hard boiled egg, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers and slivered almonds. My tuna-less version of a nicoise...

5. Roasted asparagus with goat cheese and hazelnuts. This one's a little more spring than summer, but I had to throw it in. (Picture has a variation with pecans instead of hazelnuts, and the addition of cherry tomatoes.)

6. Panzanella--bread salad with tomatoes and for a little extra *wow*, peaches. I just had this combination for the first time last year and am hooked.

7. Tomato, onion and cucumber salad with a light Italian dressing. This is one I make for husband a lot over the summer months, and it's become a fave of mine as well. Walla Walla Sweets for the onions, please!

8. Avocado, tomato, black bean, corn and peppers with a little lime juice and cumin. Maybe a few tortillas on the side...

9. Tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, kalamata olives and feta, with a drizzle of balsamic/olive oil.

10. Grilled zucchini, summer squash, peppers, mushrooms and onions, tossed with olive oil and salt and pepper.

11. Noodle salad with carrots, cucumber, pea pods and sesame seeds, with a spicy peanut dressing. (Picture is of my zucchini "noodle" version of this last week. It was good!)

12. Steak salad. This is my lunch standby at our local country club when I take Seth there for swimming: Grilled steak over romaine with blue cheese and sliced apples, with balsamic vinaigrette. Yummy.

13. Fruit salad. There is nothing like a summer combo of berries, apricots, peaches and watermelon. Nothing. I have been in fruit heaven for weeks and would stay here forever if possible!

Happy salading! May your summer be filled with ALL your favorite ingredients!

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  1. yummy.. my favorite salad is thai salad... i tasted it from one of the restaurants here...

  2. The zucchini noodle version has my mouth watering.

  3. These salads sound great - and I'm doing my posting hungry so you just made me hungrier!

    My TT this week is 13 Bits of Cocktail Napkin Wit & Wisdom art from my new store!

    Happy TT!

  4. I had a salad tonight called "Whatever's growing in the garden."

  5. The photo looks yummy and that all sound good.

  6. They all sound yummy! My favorite summer salad is a chinese chicken salad. Just add a fruit platter and it's the perfect summer meal. Never fails to be a hit with family and friends.


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