Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday Table Topics #2: Food snob or happy foodie?

Today's question: What's your definition of a food snob and are you one?

Hmmm. I've pondered this for a bit and while I have a picture in my head of a food snob, I have a hard time with the actual description.

But I'll give it a stab: A food snob is someone for whom food is very important. They have all the qualities of a happy foodie: they love good food, good quality, great ingredients and fine dining scenarios. They savor their food, and they will go out of their way to find just the right meal/dish/ingredient. Sounds pretty good, right?

The thing that differentiates a food snob from what I call a "happy foodie" is attitude. With a food snob, there isn't a relaxed flexibility in regards to food--food snobs look down their noses at people who eat things they don't approve of, whether that's processed or "junk" foods, or people who eat at chain/franchise restaurants, particular ingredients, etc. They take it all just way too seriously, and they are happy for you to know it. Not the right cheese? Tsk tsk. Oh, you'll eat there? Really? Hmmm. Creamer in your coffee? How gauche. (It's all in the tone.)

So that's my definition. Am I a food snob? I certainly hope not. I see myself much more as a happy foodie (totally my term, don't blame the poor table topics folks for that one!). I like good food, very much. I like it fresh and local and homemade as much as possible. I've made dinner more times than I can count when I've been dead-dog-tired just because I know it will be yummier than most places I would eat out and I am in the mood for a certain something.

But, just as many times I've ordered in pizza, take out Mexican, Chinese or who knows what, just because. I think spray-cheese from a can has it's place in snacking (not often, but for kicks!), I believe Smarties (the Canadian version, of course) actually do raise your IQ, and I think grocery store potato salad beats mine plenty often.

We're off to weed the garden, pick lavendar and cherries, and fix more drip irrigation. Life on the farm is never dull. And maybe for lunch we'll order in pizza!

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  1. I'm a happy foodie, according to your definition. I can't say I look down my nose at others, but sometimes I wonder why people don't use, say, fresh herbs or veggies rather than dried or canned or frozen or whatever. I mean, how hard are fresh mushrooms to throw in, and how much better are they than canned? I agree about the appreciation for things like grocery store potato salad, too. IMHO, things like Panda Express Orange Chicken and my eternal fav Kraft Mac & Cheese... well, there's just nothing else quite like them (for better or worse!). :)

    Great post!


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