Monday, July 13, 2009

Tuesday Table Topics #3: Treasured handwritten recipes

This week's Tuesday Table Topic: Do you have any treasured handwritten recipes?

Oh yes.

I have a soft spot for handwritten recipes, which may seem odd, as most of my recipe hunting now takes place online... but there are a few oldies but goodies that still have a place in my recipe box. Yep, still have one of those too!

But the thing about handwritten recipes are the memories they represent, either a specific food memory, or, equally likely, the remembrance of the person who wrote it. Or both...

Here are a few of my favorites.

This one is written by a good friend of our family's and must have been handed down to my mom, and then to me. Can you see how much it's been used? It is a real vegetarian comfort food casserole for the holidays. A big favorite.

Bon bons were an annual holiday favorite around our house--again, you can see how well-loved this recipe card is. It's my handwriting, probably from around high school era.

Again, this is my handwriting, of mom's much-loved rhubarb custard pie. I think I wrote this out sometime in the 90s.

This is my mom's handwriting, of another childhood casserole favorite. This one is quite yummy. And I always loved that card it's written on too.

This is my Grandma Kandt's handwriting, but I've never even made this recipe, to my memory. But anything in her handwriting is precious to me, and I have kept every card/recipe/note from recent years. Maybe I'll have to give this granola recipe a whirl!

I wish I had more recipes from my grandma, written down when she cooked and baked. Because, boy, did she cook and bake! Strudle, kuchen, cinnamon rolls, perogies... an Eastern European smorgasbord of goodness. Makes me want to lay down in a carb coma just thinking about it. I can usually find recipes online if I have the urge to make one of her specialties, but it usually isn't quite the same. There was something special about her feel for the ingredients and how the recipe should work--tweak a bit there, add a little here--that made it work. A great way to cook!

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  1. I have many recipes from my Mom and both Grandmothers...and my Aunt (really my Dad's cousin, but I've always called her Aunt) did a cookbook with many, many family favorites quite a few years ago. It has my favorite chestnut stuffing recipe in it!

    Your Grandmother's handwriting looks very similar to my Mom's...


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