Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fig season is upon us!

When Seth and I went on our little NYC adventure the spring of 2005, we quickly established a fun routine of heading out in the morning to Starbucks, picking up a pint of fresh figs from the fruit vendor just outside of Starbucks, and wandering to whatever we had in store for the day. We called it heaven, and it was. Well, it was for me. He was happy enough to sip his hot chocolate, eat whatever Starbucks goody was passing for breakfast, and watch me inhale the figs.

Of course he remembered that when, last week, grinning, I practically floated out of the produce cooler at the Kelowna Costco. Both he and husband instantly knew that I had indeed found fresh figs! This is one fruit I wait for all year and cannot get enough of when it's around (it joins a long list of such fruits, but is well and truly queen of said list).

We got enough to share, and MJ nabbed Bobbi's little balsamic reduction bottle, and away we went for supper. And breakfast, and snacks between. Heaven!

If you don't happen to have a little balsamic reduction lying about, you can easily make it yourself. Be forewarned: smells up the house somethin' fierce. But it's not a bad smell and it won't last for long. It's just powerful in the moment.

Expect many fig posts in the coming weeks... though I was horrified to see that CANADA had Californian figs before Washington state. What's up with that? Somebody needs to talk to somebody else about that... pronto.




Do I look a little piggy with my chevre portions? No judgement! It was heaven, I tell you, heaven!


  1. OMG...YUM!

    What a great combination. I might have to try that one day.



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