Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Plumeria love

Is there a more beautiful flower than this? I think not. It looks good enough to eat, though I've been hard pressed to find any recipes that call for plumeria (it is edible, but the stems are poisonous... seems like a delicate line to walk). Even so, it is entirely blog-worthy. Have you smelled them? Amazing.

This image goes in my mental aloha file, tucked away when I need a bit of sunny cheer. I have a framed photograph uncannily similar to this in my office, from our trip there in 2006. It brings back many happy memories. I brought home (legally) some plumeria starts; it's been two years and they have only to leaf out nicely in the summer, and then drop the leaves in the fall... maybe one day the picture I post will be a flower from my own kitchen!

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