Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Grateful for doggies

I just love this little guy. What persistence!

Chief went to the vet yesterday afternoon. Just his usual annual check. No shots, but we wanted to make sure all is at least stable with his hip, and he had a funky spot on his sweet white nose a while ago, so just wanted a thumbs up on health. While we were there another doggy was on his way in for his last visit, so to speak. A very sweet, very old and sick dog. Chief and I shed a little tear on the way home (he's quite sensitive like that), and came home to an enthusiastic greeting from the pack. Hugs all around.

So as they are annoying me in the coming days, whether barking at coyotes or digging for gophers in the lawn, or chewing on sprinkler heads, I will be grateful for their happy greetings, their desire to kiss me and their sweet dispositions (for the most part). Now, must go give the morning meds.


  1. Yup, leave it to a beagle... I think it's hilarious how the others watch him too.

    And there's nothing like hearing about a dog's last trip to the vet to make me give my own dogs lots of extra lovin'. They both thank you for this post, and ask you to remind me to show them my gratitude on a regular basis, even if it means making up stories (such gratitude whores, they are!). :)

  2. Aww! Puppehs!! Dog people are cool.


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