Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Order has been restored to the universe...

Fog's gone, for the moment. Take a look at that tail end of the sunset tonight. Much better. I know, you really wanted to see what the shop looks like (not!), but we were zooming home (quite literally) tonight from basketball practice and barely got this shot before all the color was gone...

Here are a few other pictures from our Thanksgiving time, that wouldn't load via dialup, go figure:

Seth making himself useful on the little tractor! And posing.

The dogs are ready to go. She who is known as RubyBadDog is in the middle. Check out her dirty snout. Who knows where that's been... Peaceful Jack (right) and little Darby are just ready to be home!

And Chief is annoyed with me and won't look at the camera. He hopped in and got Seth's seat all muddy in his eagerness to get his prime position for the ride home... and got a little scolding from me for his muddy paws. So he's withholding affection for a few minutes to punish me. He's almost human, that one.

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