Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday night grateful moment

We spend all this time and energy looking forward to Christmas and then it's over, and so quickly... but, still, many things to be grateful for:

* Safe travels for family and friends who traveled to be together. I'm so glad we spontaneously decided to move Christmas to Seattle when the Goerlitz Jrs. couldn't get out of town to California... it was so wonderful to be all together. But for cousins and aunties and others who were on the road, we're glad you got where you needed to be. Now let's all get home safely too!

* Lots of good food, amazing Perfect Bites (already capitalized, soon to be trademarked!) and many sweet nibbles that we only have this time of year.

* So much snow it's stunning. I can't really remember this kind of snow since my childhood, and then only occasionally. I know it has jammed up many a traveling plan, and I'm sorry for that, but I can't help but exclaim about it, frequently. And when it appears to be melting even slightly, I'm disappointed. Weirdo, I know.

* Laughter. Whether from sweet neices or son or mother or sister-in-law, we've giggled and laughed and just had so much fun.

* Warmth. I can't help but think of those who don't have our comforts in these extreme weather conditions, and I'm grateful that my toes are warm at night.

* Snow tires! The guys helped push someone up the street today and I'm grateful for my tires that keep me going going going, even through major slush and ruts.

* Most of all I'm grateful for the (trite alert) reason for the season, and though I (sadly, barely) pause for what Dec. 25 actually means, it means so much. And I'm grateful for that.

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