Monday, December 1, 2008

It was a Monday, a very long Monday

This is how the day started (once again). Thankfully not how it ended--there was some spectacular sunshine for about an hour this afternoon before we went straight to pitch blackness.

Maybe tomorrow we'll see the sun for a bit longer, but right now that seems unlikely. A little Eeyore with your tea? Possibly. Time to take some happy pills. Or, nail down those holiday menus for upcoming parties.

Either way, outlook is bound to improve. I'll be back when mood elevators take effect.


  1. It may have been a rotten day, but that picture is gorgeous!

  2. Depends on if that's your view for days on end. Garumph. I thought I was a fog girl, but now I'm just happy it's raining lightly and maybe that means it will be clear tomorrow! OK, Grumpy Girl is going to read about her friend's great trip to San Fran and just feel the joy of a long road trip!

    At least no one has written a song called "Tuesday, Tuesday," right?

    Ha. It wasn't THAT bad, just long.


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