Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday night grateful moment

The tree is up and decorated. Took a week, sort of, and help from the lovely s-in-l to get it done, but it's beautiful.

The house looks beautiful and Christmas-y, finally. There are still pumpkins on the front step though... I haven't had time to cook them up and I can't bring myself to throw them away, but some resolution on the pumpkins will happen this weekend.

The sound of the boys wrestling upstairs makes me very happy. As long as it stops before someone loses an eye, all is good.

Haystacks. I may have made a too-large one for myself tonight, but I was hungry and it was yummy!

Safe travels for the brother and family as they headed over clear roads from Seattle this afternoon. They and the lovely dog Beatrice arrived in time for haystacks! And our wild pack of dogs wants to know why the litttle sweet Beatrice has the coveted indoor spot... and Beatrice wants to know who are those big kids outside and when can I go play? Um, never.

Friends and soup. Had a lovely lunch with a girlfriend today and lovely Thai chicken coconut soup too... I appreciate so much the people who have been with me lo these many years and seen me through some pretty interesting life changes. Invaluable. The karmic debt is deep.

The fire in the fireplace.

Glass Christmas balls. I discovered this week that someone has invented shatterproof (ie plastic) Christmas balls. That's wrong, plain and simple. Christmas balls are glass, and should be treated gently. So I found a few more GLASS ONES in all my favorite colors, and smiled.

Fudge. And cookies. And all the good things I need to make before Monday... My pantry is full and ready to burst forth with various goodness-es.

I have pondered, the past 5 Christmases or so (after an especially horrific Christmas 6 years ago), that Christmas is such a special and magical time. It's like things are possible at this time of year that couldn't happen at any other time. It is possible for friendships to be mended. Romances might begin. There's just a general feeling of goodwill that I find very reassuring about humans. It's a nice time to be on the planet. So go on now, mend those friendships. Start those romances. Go on now!


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  3. the previous comments were meant to be sassy little bits about my talent lent to this christmas tree, and as a kitchen sidekick...but after hours of pure slavery in such ventures, i've found that forming complete coherent sentences is more challenging than ususal. how does she do it all? the magic and wonder that is sherilee...


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