Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday night grateful moment

Oh this week flew by! Can't really believe it's Friday. But o-so glad it is... This week I'm grateful for:

Seth's band concert. It was good to be reminded that all great musicians have to start somewhere. The difference between beginning band and the jazz group (8th graders) was quite significant. I could actually tap my toe along with them...

Snow days. I know many both near and far who cursed the snow days, but with Seth at his dad's it didn't impact me too greatly, and on the day I was able to snag him away for lunch with husband and I, and some afternoon wrapping/Wii time, I was quite pleased with the seemingly schizophrenic school district. (FYI, the picture above is from two days ago... we have about another foot now!)

Persistence for my precious laptop. When it crashed almost two weeks ago, I thought the end was near. But with help from IT and husband's calm persistence in finding a solution, I am now typing away happily again on ye olde laptop!

Majority of baking is done. What's left will be "for fun" and small batches, none of this x8 multiplication! And some of it will undoubtedly be with my mother, so that's extra sweet.

Anticipation of a break--a break in the snow (hopefully!) and a general vacation break. Theoretically we're headed out in the general direction of the Great White North. Snow may make the journey longer, but it will happen, between storms. I'm just taking it one day at a time.

Green boots that warm my feet and my heart (ahhhh). Ever-thoughtful early Christmas gift from husband. All things green rock with me, so these are beyond fab. Wore them today and love them! Comfortable and chic, what more could you ask for?

Humor. I just dig laughing, so much. I like to hear other people laugh too. I saw this fun thing on Jen's blog this week and laughed so long and hard. I want to laugh more; it's one of my new year's resolutions. I remember times in middle school and high school when my partner in giggling and I would get kicked out of class and make our stumbling, giggly way to the hall, and just lose it for minutes at a time. It's hard to make a case for adults giggling their way through the world, but still, a laugh now and then just clears my mind and puts everything in perspective.

Christmas memories. I have some really great memories over the years, but one of my favorites is of Seth and I looking up Christmas lyrics online and singing songs and carols at our little house on Francis Street five years ago... can't believe he was 7! And, we slept by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve and fell asleep watching Home Alone. He gave me a hat and mitts for Christmas that year, and I still wear the mitts even though Bad Dog Ruby chewed a hole in one finger last winter...

Soon this Christmas will be a memory too... so make some good ones! Merry merry and blessings all around.


  1. More info on the boots, please... where are they from? I love them!! Too bad you can't show off your green toenail polish with them. :)

  2. Keen is the name on the shoe. I bet he got them at Herrington, the catalog... I vaguely remember pointing at them a couple of months ago and making some "don't these look like me?" comment. He's a gem. I'd completely forgotten about them, and what with the snow and all...


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