Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend info-gathering roundup #5

It was a funky weekend around here with an odd internet outtage, but that didn't stop me from reading a bit (can we just all bow in praise of the iPad?). I did make some major progress in my office while watching (listening to gunfire?) the final season of 24, and in between recycling very old magazines and finding some tired/old/dead electronics in the back of my closet, I did read some goodies over the weekend...

Mark Bittman chose his 25 favorite recipes from the 1,000+ that have been posted under The Minimalist column in the NYTimes. His last column (13 years!) appeared this past week... he's on to new things... I will miss him, but I also very much enjoy his pieces in Runner's World. I hope *that* column doesn't go away any time soon...

My cousin Brent posted a sweet image on Facebook last week, and I thought I'd share further. Good for all times of year, not just as we approach Valentine's Day:

See if you can do this. (It's a touch harder than it looks, but not undoable. The place I found it online, the writer said it took him 2.5 times to make it through... so to all who think I have ADHD (Kim), let me just say it only took ONCE.)

Check out this very cool map at National Geographic.

Holy cow, I could never go on this ride. (And, I'm assuming the actual ride would run a bit more smoothly than his final simulation!)

I love these monograms...

Don't you think I need these cheery cherries? They are almost alien. I know, not very "real food." But SO fun for an occasional crazy dessert... (plotting, plotting...)

Some tips on freezing casseroles, from the good folks at Cook's Illustrated. Their recommendations make complete sense to me.

IKEA: I always knew there was something up with their store layout!

Art from tweets, called twaggles... here's a fun one:

Do you know Oatmeal? You should know Oatmeal. He's hilarious. His State of the Web post this week tickled my funny.

If you ever thought your ears were big? Proportionally, these are hilarious.

I hope your Monday is off to a great start!


  1. I'm just discovering Mark Bittman -- and he goes and retires his column! Looking forward to reading him anyways.

    Love those monograms -- and the entire roundup

  2. I am SO trying that spaghetti with eggs!


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