Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday night grateful moment

The week has moved so quickly, with many many good things in it. My much-wished-for snow storm has apparently gone a bit off course and hit the East Coast, again... no, no, snow. WEST Coast. But alas. Even in my non-snowy state, the blessing bucket overflows...

Gratefulness tonight for a warm bed, a loving husband, a thoughtful son and plenty of food in the cupboards.

I am always touched by the kindness and constancy of the group of work folk who go to make and serve dinner at a local soup kitchen once a month. The time and energy put into that simple act is such an example to me. As I reminded Seth this week, we need to flex THOSE muscles a bit more often. I'm grateful, too, that there IS a place for those who would otherwise go hungry in our community to find a warm meal in a warm room.

And when I heard of the litter of three-week old puppies left by the roadside, I couldn't help but be especially grateful for the local humane society for giving them a home until they are old enough to be placed. And grateful too for the staff and volunteers there who took them each home and bottle-fed them over the weekend, knowing the pups needed that extra-special feeding. Oh, I must go see those puppies soon! (And no, I won't be bringing one home. I won't be bringing one home. Repeat after me: I won't be bringing one home.)

I'm grateful for the crew that's been working on our house for the past two-plus months, that they have been polite and tidy and (mostly) responsible and all-around good guys. It makes having people in your house so much more palatable. (But, I am very glad to be at the end of that road, no matter how nice they are!)

I'm grateful for opportunities and information. Opportunities to learn (see this link from the BBC, very cool!) and be amazed (click on this link from Discover, one image above) and entertained (check out this listing of funny British town names. Hilarious--please don't be offended! And I thought living in WW, I knew of funny town names...).

I love and am so grateful for good food. For my butternut squash risotto (which actually froze pretty well--I thawed some from the freezer and ate it for lunches this week. Yum. Total side note: that recipe is THE most searched item on my blog. How funny is that?), for cheese in all its many iterations, for apples and oranges--lone staples of winter fruit that I enjoy, for popcorn in the evenings and those heavenly marshmallows when I need a sweet nibble. Happy tummy. Looking forward to making pizza with my boys this weekend, and haystacks (taco salads) too.

I'm grateful for family. For the emails and texts and phone calls that remind me how blessed I am to have family nearby (20 acres away!), and a little further away too... feel free to move closer, further-away-family... we would love that!

I'm grateful for friends, for our little traditions of lunch, and the spontaneous coffees and chats as well. For almost-spontaneous visits (thanks, Kate!) and surprises and parties and singing. And for the support. Definitely the support!

I'm grateful for laughter. Husband and Seth and I went and saw Brian Regan last night and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. A good laugh-out-loud time. There were a few women sitting up near our section who had these contagious laughs and they laughed at EVERYTHING. Of course, that made me laugh. So, aside from the fact that Brian Regan is really funny, it was *all* extra-super-duper funny last night. My jaws hurt afterward.

This interesting video happened upon my digital path this week: what's the one question you would like to ask and get the answer to? Talk about variety in the questions...

And how's this for a voice? And an arrangement that surprises and delights? I loved this song so very much, in that way when you find something that just fits what you needed at that. very. moment.

Hope your weekend is already off to a lovely start; wishing you all the rest that you need to face another week!

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  1. Great list...I always appreciate all the cool ideas I get from reading your lists/blogs. So good. Now I am off to try some of them.

    Thankful for you too.

  2. I know I keep saying this...but you always have such interesting links! Loved that first video :-)


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