Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend info-gathering roundup #4

What was a lovely "regular" weekend has now morphed into a long-ish weekend complete with an unexpected extra day with Seth... So I'm using this additional day to keep on puttering around the house, and thought I'd share another batch of my weekend reading... though, truthfully, this time around it reflects reading from the whole week,  not just the weekend. But still, I'm "rounding it up" on the (long) weekend, right? Let's not split hairs! There's some good stuff here.

A great blog post at ZenHabits: The No. 1 habit of highly creative people
“In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for contructive use of solitude. One must overcome the fear of being alone.” ~Rollo May

Cool code sharing over at the NYT. The tech on this is rather over my head, but I love the concept and the many uses I'm sure we'll see over the coming years.

A pretty fun sequel map for movies... (You know, how they say the sequel isn't as good as the original? That idea.)

Downton Abbey on PBS... I am looking forward to seeing this! I have somehow missed the first installment, so I will be scouring online to see when/how I'll be able to make that up. I'm so impressed with what Masterpiece has been doing lately--still thinking fondly of the too-short Sherlock Holmes series last fall.

A creative food flow chart for those interested in eating real food.

Check out this game if you want to have some fun with typing and improve your skills.

New (to me) fun shop: Olive Manna. Love the rainbow-arranged items, especially!

Looking for an occasion to need to make some pom-poms... this need doesn't arise much in a house with my men... Aren't they pretty? (Somebody needs to have a baby girl so we can properly shower her... so get on that, would you?)

10 things your mom said that were actually right. I don't think my mom ever said the thing about fish, but I do believe I've heard the rest of those...  and a few other choice tidbits!

We watched that new show The Cape last week (I don't feel the need to watch it again...). I read a post about the promotion for the show, and how they draped 30 statues in NYC with capes. Funny stuff. (Lady Liberty was NOT one of the caped statues, but I couldn't resist sharing such a fun photo.)

Found a cool pattern for a crocheted beret. I can see this in green, can't you?

Found a fun jewelry site where I could play with the color for hours... Kendra Scott Jewelry.

I went through a bundle of old food blog feeds and found a few tidbits for the holidays next year... I'll share those as that happy time grows closer. And, it also seemed like Valentine's is big out there--since when did that day become a huge decorating occasion?--and everyone else in the blogosphere is craving spring. Color is everywhere!

Hope your MLK Day is off to a lovely start. Here's my favorite King quote for the day: "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." -MLK Jr.



  1. loooove those colorful spools of thread & bring on the solitude/oh how i crave it! much love to you!!

  2. Such a cool blog...have to go back and read the 10 things your mother said...

    Loved the first quote. I am learning that living on an island.

    Now I'll go back and read all your side it!

    I saw Downton Abbey on Sunday night. I'm hooked!!

  3. You are right about the fish advice...I thought it was my solemn responsibility to throw at least one morsel of wisdom your way per day!!! Bet you do the same now?!?!


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