Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday night grateful moment

This week was quick in some ways, long in others... I'm already fantasizing about the sleeping I will do tomorrow. Sleeping in, nap #1, nap #2... you get my drift.

It's very peaceful and quiet on the homefront... a perfect time to put my feet up and think about those blessings...

This week I'm thankful for:

Seth's safe return from his trip to see his grandma in Australia. It's been a long week for him, getting caught up on homework and sleep, but he's been a trooper.

Husband and his unflagging support and love.

A circle of friends that is lovely and true.

That the fix for the hot tub on Monday was an easy one, and that no pipes got frozen while I figured it out!

For our new wood floors, which are quite beautiful. I think I have them figured out enough that I should be able to keep them clean(ish) with less work than the old ones.

For a pretty quick and painless tooth procedure this morning. New crown, and an oddly fun time watching the dentist make it... got to see some new-to-me technology. Very cool.

I thought I lost something pretty precious to me today... and looked and looked and looked. My track record lately has been quite shabby in the losing column, so I thought, "Here we go again. Ugh." A few prayers were offered up, some promises made to the universe, and some fast, intense cleaning, and voila, there it was. Right where I left it. (Yes, we're talking about my wedding ring. Man, that would have been awful.) I am very thankful for my friend Sara, who talked me off the ledge when I thought it was gone. And for giving a hip-hip-hooray and PTL when it was found!

This week was the splash back into the deep end of volunteer time, post-holidays. Spent one day in a worthwhile strategic planning session, and bits of other days working toward a fundraiser in February. I am thankful for the time to be able to give to these organizations, and thankful for the people I get to work with and the work we get to do.

I'm always thankful for new web sites to discover. Here's a fun one, right up my alley: Yum & Yuk.

Found a quote I loved this week:

“Winter is a time to gather golden moments
and enjoy every idle hour.” -Judith Boswell

Now I just need to find a few idle hours...

I'm thankful for moments of sweetness. Take a look at this video I found this week, and tell me the ending doesn't make you smile:

I hope your weekend brings you a little peace, a little love, maybe a little snow? I'll be fantasizing about that too...

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