Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday 13: Thirteen of my favorite shots from our recent getaway

1. This was our sunrise view. Every. Morning. This is a really calm morning...
the waves really crashed on in, some mornings... this was also a lovely bay to snorkel...

2. We saw so many rainbows... I counted them for awhile, but gave up after 10 or so...
double rainbows are just beautiful, especially when they run full arcs.

3. Up the road to Waimea Canyon, it rained and misted and then just as we got out of our car at the lookout point, the clouds parted and there was a rainbow bridge between two clouds. Amazing.

4. These are the waterfalls that were featured in the intro to Fantasy Island, so they say...
I couldn't help but channel a little Tattoo... "Da plane, boss, da plane!"

5. The north shore of the island... big beaches up there!

6. Also on the north shore, a lot of homes on stilts... I tried to envision a storm with water surges sending water under my house... wow.

7. Plumeria. My favorite flower, probably EVER. So beautiful and fragrant.

8. Lots of road time around the island...

9. Feral chickens. Who knew?

10. One-lane bridges... really great in theory. Some tourists, though (not us!),
cause the locals to shake their heads...

11. This little idyllic nook, tucked away on the north shore on the grounds of the St. Regis, where we stopped for lunch. Made me want to stay. And stay. And nap.

12. Sunset... so peaceful.

13. View of Mt. Rainier on the way into Seattle... almost home.
We've been home only a week, and yet vacation seems almost a lifetime ago. ...The cold and gray could have something to do with that! But we have some lovely memories to take us through the winter now...

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  1. Wonderful photos...very good. Can I get permission to use some for sketching/painting/messing around with? Really lovely reminder of your time away.

  2. Great pictures. What a wonderful place to visit.

  3. What a great picture story of your trip. I really loved both of the rainbow photos... but all of them are great. Wonderful memories.

  4. Thank you so much for the virtual vacation!!!


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