Friday, December 31, 2010

The clock is ticking toward a new year, and I am filled with gratitude for what's gone before and what's ahead.

I'm grateful for:
* A new year. A chance to do better, since (hopefully) I know better. (To paraphrase Maya Angelou...)

* A very large amount of love in my life.

* The safety and health of nearest and dearest.

* A few days of extra time with my Mom and Dad at the coast. Always a blessing.

* A husband who sets a good example for me in so many ways.

* A son who checks in with me while he's on another continent, bless his soul. Love the texts and calls!

* A Creator who knows me so well.

* A safe trip over some icy roads to meet a friend (Jen) for lunch today. And fondue! And Bavarian cream! Yum. I am indeed grateful for Jen and her health and the love and support that's gotten her through this challenging year.

* Lovely memories of a peaceful Christmas with family. Thanks for hosting, Shelby, Kim and sweet nieces! (P.S. I have been regretting not raiding the cheese shelf in the fridge on my way out of town. Dang. And I could have blamed it on the parents, too, really! Such a missed opportunity.)

* For the example I see every day, in so many ways, of folks who have been challenged by life and circumstances, and their ability to rise to the occasion and meet those challenges, daily. I am inspired.

My favorite song for this time of year, sung by members of the Scottish Parliament; appropriate given Robert Burns is somewhat credited for these lyrics. (Hang on to the end to get a special glimpse of Queen Elizabeth II, and a wondrous hat, indeed!)

And for you romantics out there, a little reminder of what the song really means!

Happy New Year! May 2011 be filled with many blessings for you and yours.


  1. LOVE the "When Harry Met Sally" clip! Happy New Year to the Coffeys!


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