Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday 13: Daybook musings...

Better late than never, right? That's how I'm rolling, today...

1. I am thinking… I'm finally starting to feel a bit of holiday cheer. It's been a little slow in coming this year...

2. I am thankful for… so many things, every day. Today I'm especially grateful for my husband's thoughtfulness and my new wood floors. They so pretty.

3. From the kitchen… I just finished the work Christmas party, so the kitchen has been humming... lots of recipe posts to come!

4. I am wearing… yep. Fuzzy robe and slippers. Came home and got comfy.

5. I am creating… final lists of everything to do before Christmas. There are gift lists and food lists and what to tell our house/dog sitter lists and oh, so many lists!

6. I am going… to pick Seth up early from school tomorrow, hip hip hooray. It's "activity day" tomorrow (ie "stand around the gym and look at the opposite sex") for the last hour of school, and he's not interested. Whew.

7. I am reading… nada. Nothing. Zilch. Been too busy cookin'.

8. I am hoping… that all our holiday plans go off without a hitch and that we have some glorious family time together.

9. I am hearing… the furnace. It's cold out there, again.

10. Around the house… progress is being made on various fronts toward normalcy. It is also quieter on the dog front. Peace.

11. One of my favorite things…
is sleep. And I'm doing well in that department, thank you very much little helper.

12. A few plans for the rest of the week…
given that there's one day left to the week, not a lot of time, but yes, quite a few plans! There's my Esther study with some lovely women friends tomorrow, then a much-anticipated lunch with three dear friends for our monthly-ish lunch date, then picking up the boy and maybe a few groceries somewhere in there, and home for the weekend! Peace. Rest. Sigh.

13. A picture to share…
and this will come as no surprise, if you know me. This appeared at just the right moment on Monday afternoon:

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