Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday night grateful moment

This week has been a rough one in many ways, from lost passports to messed up wood floors (now fixed) and dog fights... But, in the spectrum of things, let's be honest, we're all safe, sound and healthy. So suck it up, Sher. Or, as I like to say, "Man up." Gratitude is gratitude, even in the funky times.

My guy. He's home from a few days of conference/on the road, and that is sublime.

My little guy. Always a joy, even when we have "Two Dwarf" mornings (Sleepy and Grumpy sometimes... but every once in awhile Stompy and Weepy--two lesser known dwarves--come around...).

Jack. Big dog Jack got his eye hurt last week, but he's doing so much better now and he's just a trooper about those eye drops. I actually think he enjoys our little wrestling matches to get them in!

My family. Near and far, they buoy me. Yes, buoy. (And little niece giggles on the phone are the BEST.)

My faith. I am reminded, very often, that the whole point of a working and active faith is letting go and letting God, trite as that sounds. But, boy, does it work.

People who serve others with cheer. From the smiling and joking acceptance agent at the Post Office who helped with the passport renewals (I am never going back to the courthouse again for that, I tell you!) to the friendly DMV lady, to the lovely woman manning the front desk at the health department (got a new birth certificate for the young lad as the old one looks a little worse for wear...), a pitiful runaround afternoon was made so much better. As I said to myself over and over that afternoon, "It's the people, people!" It really is.

The ability to make decisions. I like being decisive. It's bitten me in the butt a few times, I'll grant you that, the quick reflex to a decision. But, more often than not, I am good with the outcome and happy to not have dithered.

My friends. Blessed, blessed, blessed. Whether we're talking about work or play or kids or haircare products, I have got the BEST friends. Ever.

Seth's teachers. I've said this before, I'll say it again: they care, they motivate, they inspire and they push. I'm grateful for them all.

Good weekend to all, and to all a good night.


  1. I save this read for just before bedtime EVERY Friday night; thank you for being so faithful (and grateful) with posting. You buoy me. Atta buoy. (=

  2. Went to bed early last night but before I went I checked to see if you had been able to pull up a list...nothing. So when I woke this morning and checked again I was so delighted to read your list. "Man Up" is favorite after a week like that is "Just belly up to the bar!". Pretty much the same thing. Just happy to read your list! Bless you for your 'rubber-ball-ness'!

  3. I love your Friday night grateful moments--usually save them for Sat. mornings--and the comment "let go and let God"--so true.

  4. The sky in your quote photo is extraordinary. It is very beautiful.

  5. "friendly DMV lady", now that's awesome!


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