Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday night grateful moment

Oh holy night, this week is easy in the grateful department! The fridge is full, the tree is sparkly, the presents are plentiful under the tree...

But mostly I am thankful for the folks; I'm surrounded by my most loved ones, in a peaceful quiet corner of the world. The only thing that would make this evening better would be SNOW! I'm thinking that's not happening... but a girl can dream of her Christmas miracle, can't she?

This week I'm thankful for:

* Studded snow tires.

* A safe road trip over somewhat dicey roads with my men.

* Happy doggies. The peaceful three at home and the bouncy one in her new and loving abode.

* Umbrellas. If you're going to leave the snow and come to the rainforests, it's good to have the proper protective gear!

* Safeway employees who hand out chocolate when the lines are way long. Chaos, baby, chaos.

* Hot showers. Whether I need one to wake up or one to get sleepy, hot showers seem to do the trick. Thankfully.

* Having absolutely nothing critical on the agenda until Monday. Wow.

* Sweet niece giggles.

* Interesting conversational games played around the dinner table. It's always a good time learning about the family!

* Christmas greetings from friends and family near and far. Lovely reminders of the human connections that enrich our lives.

* For reminders of Christmas Eve seven years ago, when a sweet and thoughtful gentleman stopped by my catering kitchen to see how I was doing, wondering how my first single mom Christmas was going to go. What a guy. Seven years later I am so very happy and thankful for that man, every day since.

* For reminders of what this season really does commemorate. Significant stuff, that star over Bethlehem business.

I found a bunch of Christmas videos that could bring a tear to your eye (at least, they did to mine); you know, the Hallmark ads, the Folgers ads... but then I settled on this clip. Funny!

Blessings to you on this marvelous weekend. May you feel joy and love tomorrow and always! xo

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