Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday night grateful moment

A suprisingly fast week, capping off a surprisingly fast summer. School starts on Tuesday, and I'm feeling OK with that at the moment.

This week we're going true "list style." 

I'm grateful/thankful/full-to-overflowingly-blessed by:

The love and support of family. 

A thoughtful and kind husband.

A terrific son. 

The love within our little family unit.

Great friends of all stripes!

Beautiful setting to watch fall slowly arrive.

Cooler mornings and evenings.

Doggies who are all well and happy (mostly).

Great vet care in this valley.

Good health. I don't take that for granted. Ever.

More information available than my spongey brain can absorb!

A new start to each day.

Fresh, amazing produce to eat right out of the garden!

The ability to articulate how I feel, what I think.

The value of a list; can't you just tell how I love them?

A creative spirit. Now to find where I left my focus...

Some quiet time with husband over the weekend to look forward to.

The calming effect of prayer. Lots of people in sadness this week, lots of need for prayer. 

The cathartic effect of a rant. (I read this week that an anger rant can actually be good for you, just don't stay IN the anger. I can do that!)

What are YOU thankful for this week?

Wishing you some peace, love and tenderness, wherever you are this weekend. xo


  1. It's that focus where did I set that down?

    Thank you for all the creative information you sent our way this week, again. So many ideas but where to start...

  2. lovely. I am thankful for corners that can be turned, and then when they are, that it's easy to forget the long road I stumbled, crawled and cried my way down to get to that corner.

  3. Love this post...especially about the anger!


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