Monday, August 2, 2010

Bits of My Weekend, Volume 22

What a wonderful weekend--a little rest and relax, a little work, a little movie time and lots and lots of sunshine. The best of summer!

Welcome to my rural weekend!

Baby bunny count is at seven. It was eight, but I saw the remains of a bunny near the edge of the pasture when I was mowing last week... I paused for a moment of bunny-silence and cursed the circle of life.

Lots of sweet little clouds on Saturday evening.

Over by the mountains they were less small, but still pink and sweet looking--no storm, but I wouldn't have minded a bit of rain.

Never get tired of the sunsets around here, especially with the summer dust.

Thought we were done with irrigation issues? Nah. Still ironing out some issues... and so it goes.

Needed to get some order to the line between beds and grass...

A few hours and some serious shovel work later, ta-da! One bed down, a dozen or so to go. But I feel the momentum... one a day for a week or two and we'll have it nailed. Good thing my yard slave returns tomorrow!

I always have my cheering section!

That was the weekend that was. Salt was certainly action-packed--I hurt for her in some of those action scenes!--but pretty good. Maybe a tad predictable...

For more Bits of My Weekend, go here. There are always some fun weekends to look in on--some people even live in the city! Have a great week, everyone.


  1. such pretty shots...and I really like the one of the 3 dogs :-)

  2. Now how did you get 3 of your 4 dogs to line up like that. I want the neighbor's alpacas to line up in special way and just haven't learned alpancanese yet to get my point across. This sweet photo I have of the burros just cannot be replicated with the alpacas.

    Those bricks along the edge brought back many memories!!!! Looks like you had a great weekend.


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