Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday night grateful moment

Nothing quite beats a Friday night... and on this night I am grateful:

For reminders of my childhood. I have a wonderful family and I don't take that for granted. I was blessed with a great platform from which to spring off into the world. (See picture above: Wasn't 1980 just the best?!)

For the laughter of good girlfriends. For six (at least) conversations happening almost simultaneously, and that we all get our stories told and heard in that chaos. For one-on-one time too, to share and catch up. For support through rough times and celebration through good times.

For the joy of a silly summer game played with two adolescent boys in the pool. Such sweet silly boys. I am so grateful for their friendship too.

For the unbelievable giddiness at learning new computer skills and for the ability (and patience) of teachers.

For a husband who misses me and the boy when we're gone and says so. For welcome home signs, and flowers.

For a beautiful summer night to lay on my front lawn and watch the meteor shower

For the reminder, as I look up at that vast sky, that I am a child of God and that as insignificant as I feel some days in the whole scheme of the universe, I am pretty significant to Him.

For an appreciation of the seasons; even though I have twinges of sadness that the heat of summer is passing and the days are getting shorter, I also think, "The heat of summer is passing! The days are getting shorter!" (See, exclamation points make all the difference!)

For the BEST watermelon of the season, which is phenomenal.

For a son who runs with me, even though he can now probably outpace me (at least in the short haul). I tell him it's for HIM that we're running (to get him conditioned for x-country) but I think we both know better...

For the anticipation of a wedding tomorrow, and all the joy and laughter and tears that will be a part of it.

For a quick but (hopefully) fun road trip with my guys. Singing, anyone?

For winning the Curly Girl blogging contest! Thanks to all of you who commented, I am soon to be in receipt of her magnetic hook board. Oh joy. I consider Curly Girl one of my biggest inspirations in all things crafty/arty/wordy. Bless her!

May your weekend be filled with all the good things that only summer can bring.

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  1. Have I told you how much I love your grateful posts? Never fails to put a smile on my face :-)


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