Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday 13: Randomness

Really. It's my only option this week. Between the wakefulness at 2:30 a.m. and the running around like a crazy woman the rest of the time, I'm a wee bit fragmented. I have a few Thursday 13s in my drafts folder but they all looked like too much work to pull off, so it tribute to my fragments, here's some random for your Thursday.

 1. I got a piece of art framed this week and I just love it. My mom painted it for me for my birthday. Isn't it beautiful? I have very talented and artistic parents, tis true. And, I love going to the frame shop and picking out mats and frames... I think I freak the lady out with my decisiveness. What can I say, I like what I like!

2. I have been going to the same hairstylist for more than 10 years now. I like that she knows pretty much what to try with me, and what not to. I hear horror stories and just shake my head...

3. If I had a makeup person, they would be bored. Much like framing and hair, it's five minutes and I'm outta here.

4. I'm really not as homely or tedious (I hope!) as those past two points make me sound. Just low-ish maintenance. Don't tell that to my husband, who gets precious little counter space in the bathroom...

5. Seth found his lost thermos at school this week. Well, technically one of his teachers did, but how thrilling for him (this is a rather special... ie: Mom spent too much on a thermos for hot soups at lunch). Not much tops the drama of lost stuff for him these days, so this warranted a mid-day happy phone call from school. Love those.

6. I talked with a local university class about interviewing tips and tricks this week, and it reminded me how many amusing experiences I've had in conducting interviews, but it also reminded me that interviewing is hard work and I feel for those looking for jobs right now. I remember hearing discouraging things about the job market when I was graduating from college almost *cough* 20 *cough* years ago, but that seems really pale compared to how it looks out there right now. I hope I didn't scare them too much, but I hope I was adequately uptight about the need for a grammatically correct, typo-free resume.

7. I am ready for spring eating. There is asparagus in my fridge and I'm excited to eat it. Soon.

8. I was watching the Westminster Dog Show with my mother-in-law this week and we both fell asleep. While this is understandable for her, it's a bit sad for me. Sigh. Looking forward to getting caught up on sleep this weekend.

9. I started out strong on the Olympics but life has caught up with me. Too busy during the day and I've completely forgotten to dvr them. I know it's not too late... there's always this weekend.

10. I'm a little chagrined, however, to admit that I know what's going on with The Bachelor. I'll climb back up on my high horse and say I don't always get sucked in, but this year I have, sort of, with the last two or three shows. It's not interesting until the end anyway--who wants to watch a guy go on dates with eight women? But then, I ponder, who wants to watch a guy "falling in love" (if I hear that phrase ONE. MORE. TIME. I might just lose it...) with multiple women. It's really creepy. And like a train wreck, I can't look away. But it makes reading these reviews (warning, not so "family friendly" language-wise) of the show so much more entertaining! Just pick already, Jake, go get faux-engaged and then break up in six months because cameras aren't following you around recording your every romantic moment. And what's really frightening? This is the longest paragraph of this post. Shudder.

11. I really enjoy getting notes in the mail from my grandma. They are rare these days and precious to me. I have kept most anything that's had her handwriting on it for the past few years. I had a loosely formed resolution to write to her more this year and have fallen down on that... need to get it up and going. Time's a wastin'. Handwritten notes in general are a lovely thing. I need to get THAT habit up and rolling again. I was doing so well there for a minute or two...

12. I don't know what I'd do without lists. I love lists, and I especially LOVE crossing things off the list. No wonder why I love Thursday 13...

13. Our breakfast shake still rocks my morning, every morning. I love it.

Hope your Thursday goes well! And if it doesn't, take heart that Friday almost always tops Thursday.

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  1. That IS a beautiful picture!!! And I'm glad you love the T13 :-)

  2. I had the same stylist for the last seven years and it was awesome. I never had to bring in a picture. I could just tell her the mood I was in and let her take over. I had the best cuts of my life with her. Then I moved out of state. Miss that relationship I had with her. Now I have to do some work before I go get a haircut. ;)

  3. Yeah, life kinda got in the way of me watching the Olympics too. Years ago it was on so rarely it was a treat and so I watched it faithfully.

  4. Don't feel bad about forgetting toDVR the Olympics. I forgot they were even happening!

  5. Love the picture! I fall asleep watching shows too :)

  6. What a beautiful picture! Feel free to check in on my TT if you have time . . . 13 Canadian Icons

  7. Wow, that painting is gorgeous! You said your mother painted it? Does she sell her work?


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