Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday night grateful moment

So, he days are getting longer... it's after 5 p.m. and still light out, how amazing is that? And today started with sunshine, had the usual gray in the middle and now is ending with some sunshine too... I'll take that. On to the list!

* Great week with Seth. Lots of fun mixed in with the usual hum-drum of homework, trumpet and basketball. He had a blast getting little gifts together for his secret buddy at school this week--he was a "stupid cupid" for a 6th grader. I know, who thought that up? I guess a fun, non-gender-specific way to celebrate what will be a life-long angst-ridden relationship with this Hallmark-y holiday. Better get used to it now, eh?

* Many, many reminders this week that I am blessed beyond in the spouse department. Seth is often one of those reminding me, which is a double blessing too.

* Thankful for my family, near and far.

* Thankful for my committee of folks as we approach our event week after next. Everyone's been working hard and it will be great to see it all come together! I'm especially grateful to have a co-chair this year who will [crossing fingers] take the reins next year and take the event to the next level.

* Thankful for fun new places to eat in town. A Walla Walla landmark went away at the turn of the year--a deli called Merchant's, Ltd. (where I actually worked way back in 1989 or so...)--and a local restauranteur added to his dynasty. One of my favorite's--T. Maccarone's--took their lunch service down to the new place, called Olive Marketplace and Cafe--and will still do dinner at T. Mac's. OK, more than you wanted to know. But. Still. Great lunch, fun new vibe to the place, and the kitchen was rocking with more than just lunch coming forth:  fresh pasta and baked goods that looked really fab, in addition to fresh cheese and fresh fish... happy day!

 * Grateful for the Olympics. For the pagentry and hype, too. I have gotten all high-horsey in the past about "Why, they spend enough on the opening and closing ceremonies to feed a small country!" Well, yes they do. But this year I'm going to just leave that sentiment alone and enjoy the games. There's nothing like celebrating hard work and achievement, and the Olympics is the culmination of that for many athletes. I hope the injuries stay to a minimum (so so sorry to hear about the Georgian luger today) and hope that the games bring a spot of joy to a lot of people.

* Thankful for stories, and people willing to tell them. I was listening to StoryCorps this morning on one of my multiple trips into school for Seth (don't ask, it's been a LONG week in the "forgetting things" category) and was struck by the story I heard, as I have been with each story, whether I've read it or listened to it. Check it out... very moving.

* Grateful for creativity. So it's no new thing that I like words and color and creativity... and all together I like them even more. Check out this chair by an amazing artist, Sally Nencini. Doesn't this look like a chair I'd like? Or one I'd say "I could make that" and add it to the list the size of both arms of projects either already started or in my head. Ah, if only time flowed on forever... but, dontcha just love the chair?!

* Thankful for sergers! Have you ever used one? They rock. I am working on a small project related to the fundraising event coming up, and am borrowing one. What a dream. I am whizzing along and getting it done, all the while marveling and whomever invented such a clever machine. I think a serger is going on my wish list for my birthday!

* I am grateful for community. And not just my community, but community as a concept. As I know of people going through rough times and trials, it is good to know that there are people who will reach out and lift up and encourage a tired and weary soul.

* Grateful for soup. Still in that mode, even though it's getting springier and springier out there... I'll switch to asparagus and spring peas and baby lettuces soon...

* Grateful for sleep. A couple of nights of wakefulness remind me how very much I love a good solid chunk of sleep. Hoping for more of that this weekend!

*Grateful for color. As. Always. Found this great post at a fun blog, Color Me Katie, recently. The post is titled "Chalk Walk," and the pictures tell the story, sort of. But check out her blog--it's a lot of fun.




* Thankful for reminders of my childhood. I follow this funny site called Indexed, and there is a little drawing, daily, of an obscure notion. Some are pretty funny. This one reminded me of my brother, when we were kids, and his habit of standing with the fridge door open. My dad would give him grief about it and his standard response was that he was warming the room. Yeah. Sure. And I think he still maintains that if you leave a refrigerator door open for long enough, it will indeed warm the room. This index is for you, Shelby.

And here's a little Valentine's index for you too..

I actually found myself drawing one of these this week to explain a concept to myself. I know. Weird.

Speaking of weird... check out these kids. Only the Brits, eh?! Such cuties. I think I need some chocolate!

I hope your weekend holds many good things. Peace.

Art at the very top by notebookdoodles.


  1. We have those kids on TV at home on CBC...aren't they wonderful? Amazing what talents are in demand these days.

    Grateful for the desire to be grateful!

  2. Did you watch the opening ceremonies? We did and loved the Canadianness of it all. And we also loved the idea that they spent much, much less than other countries have done over the years and still came off with a great show! Very Canadian of them.

    KD Lang singing Leonard Cohen was brilliant. Donald Sutherland looked good as did Barbara Ann Scott and Anne Murray and all the rest of the flag was just good. I am proud to be a the land where I feel free!


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