Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday night grateful moment

What a fast week. Maybe that's because of the holiday? Or maybe it's just all that Olympic drama? Probably not. Just a lot to do, and limited hours to do it in. Whew. Apparently being awake in the middle of the night doesn't actually help to get things accomplished, you have to GET. UP. AND. MOVE.

So that quickly leads me to my thankfulness for:
* Coffee. If I were to write a letter to coffee, I would sign it "As Ever," because my love for coffee is true.

* Sleep. I know, this isn't a great thing to follow up my love of coffee with, but, like Tiger Woods, normal rules don't apply to me. Ha ha. Couldn't resist. It's hard to admit I need help, but I do. Oops, slipped into Tiger talk again. I'll stop now. Regardless, I'm looking for some good sleep this weekend!

* Sunshine. It's been wonderful to see more of that golden orb this week. The fog and gray have still swept in and out of the valley, but the spots of sun have been wonderfully welcome.

* The opportunity to go on a field trip with Seth's class today. We went and looked at a local home that is beautiful and unique, and for sale! It was built into the topography of the area, of recycled materials, in a loosely-eco-friendly style, and it was quite impressive. The 70 verses of 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall that the older boys sang all the way there? Not so much.

* My thoughtful and kind spouse. My lovely mid-week bouquet of flowers is brightening my kitchen, even on the gray days!

* My countries. I like having my Canadian heritage, I like being American too. It's been a blast to cheer for the Canadians at the Olympics... but I'm not generally opposed to US gold medals either. I'm easy to please that way.


* Twitter. Really have been enjoying playing around again with that silly medium. Followed it after Tiger's chat this morning... pretty funny. I try and mix up who I'm following so there's a good brew of fun and practical stuff too--good links, work-type advice, and then someone really hilarious and silly. I can't turn down a good laugh!

* Pretty smells. Still in love with my Daisy.

* Words words words. Love those quotes. Found a new site that has lots of goodies. And I always love it when I wander across good words in great settings. Like the following:

Love the sentiment here.

And there.
And very much there.

* My parents, that they are safe and sound on their wild travels to their Panama Cruise. Let's just say it's been a not-too-hot travel day... but as my aunty MJ says, they have all the Bad Travel Karma out of the way  now, so she can take off to Hawaii tomorrow, no problem! Yes, I'm sure they were thrilled to take one for the team, MJ! Happy crusing, Ma and Pa.

* For good people to work with. This fundraiser is cranking itself back up again for another go, and it just wouldn't happen without SO. MANY. good people. Today I spent a couple of hours getting all the tables sorted out--who goes where, with whom, eating which meal choice. I know I'm nuts, but this is actually the part I really enjoy. The logistical ins and outs...

* Popcorn, apples and Junior Mints. Yep, Junior Mints. Try not to be too shocked. The mints were just discovered in my not-so-secret candy stash and oh how happy just the sight of them makes me!

* That song and dance shows like Glee exist. I know I haven't always been the biggest fan, but I've mostly gotten over the whole creepy teacher guy and find the show fairly entertaining. I don't know if I'd call myself a "Gleek," but I am always up for a good Jane Lynch character, so I'm looking forward to the new season, which starts soon. And rather than show you the new trailer--anyone could do that--I am sharing a clip of Jimmy Fallon in tribute to Glee. I like the Jimmy. Enjoy.

* A weekend, before the next full week unfolds before me. Lots on the plate again next week--fundraising lunch, getting ready for a catering the following Monday, and all the little ins and outs of family life... so glad for the peace and quiet before the storm.

Hope your weekend brings the same. Peace.


  1. love the quote site, glad your parents are ok and oh yum Junior Mints! I have some heart shaped ones from valentine's day!

  2. Rock on with your gratitude and your Junior Mints. I always look forward to your Friday posts, even if I don't get to them until Tuesday. :)


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