Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday night grateful moment

Oh sweet Friday night. Is there any night so lovely? Nope, not really.

This week the list includes but is not limited to:
* Some wonderful chats with Seth this week.

* A great few days away with husband. Wonderful to be away from the day-to-day grind, lots of good talks and walks and even some sunshine.

* That amazing sunshine deserves its own sentence of gratitude. It was simply blissful to be warm in the sun, sunglasses on. Felt so good. So foreign. Came home to gray again, but just this afternoon it cleared out for some beautiful end-of-day sun. Lovely.

* The ocean. Beautiful. Chaotic. Tide in, tide out. Gorgeous.

* Wonderful to have a lovely place to come back to. I always enjoy coming home.

* Grateful that in the chaos and uncertainty that exists in this world, there are support structures of family and friends to lean on. I'm wishing the strength of that support on so many right now who have lost loved ones, or who are going through a rough patch. Hang in there!

 * Always grateful for the creativity that abounds. I love the birdhouse room pictured above (featured on designsponge). And the thank-you note pictured below comes from a blog I recently found, thxthxthx, where the author writes a thank-you note each day to some aspect or object in her life. It's really fun to see what she's thankful for each day, though I suppose the one below sort of covers the gamut!

* Popcorn. Even though I broke a tooth last night while eating kernels at the bottom of the bowl (and I know better!), I still love popcorn.

* Grateful for a good dentist and office staff who rushed me in to take a look. So glad too, that there's no pain with the tooth... just that weirdness where your tongue always goes over to see what's missing.

* Grateful for color in this endless gray. Aren't those the coolest chairs above? I love the different colors in the various panels. Bold, baby!

* Grateful for words. Found some good ones this week in my little search for fun and new quotes. Here are a couple of my favorites to ponder:

When was the last time God worked through you in such a way that you knew beyond doubt that God had done it? -Bruce Wilkinson

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. -Robert Brault

* Grateful for music. Always like a new discovery... Here's a band I found this week; love this song.

* Grateful for World Nutella Day. How could I not? And the shake I made after lunch? Amazing. I did indeed put the banana in, in case you were wondering. It was delicious.

*Grateful for the weekend ahead, for family time and relaxation. Hope yours involves a bit of the same.


  1. what a beautifully positive post, i very much enjoyed reading it. And the awesome design links were great too! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Great song...thankful that you are thankful...the ocean seems to be beckoning those letters of the alphabet you use. Thank you.


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