Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday 13: So cold. So so cold

I keep my scarf on, in the house. I grocery shop with my mittens on. The car never warms up enough on the drive to and from work. Yesterday was foggy all day, with these teensie little snowflakes... or was that freezing fog? I'm grumpy.

Yes, it's January. Well and truly past the holidays, but spring feels so so far away. Time to dream of tropical vacations, short sleeves, skirts without tights, open-toe shoes. At the very least, have lunch with a friend who just returned from a tropical vacation and (not) think stabby jealous thoughts the whole time you're with her. I may be grumpy, but I'm evolved. Evolved grumpy.

I am also needing, desperately, to break my blogging slump. I'm feeling caught in these busy weeks with the only must-write posts being the Friday gratefulness moments. Somehow I have a deal with myself regarding those. Must. Happen. Seriously. I don't want to overstate it, but if you don't see a post when you wake up Saturday morning (because I know you, you look, yes you do, thank you very much dear reader), give husband a call. Order flowers. Come visit the hospital. Well, check visiting hours first, but do order the flowers.

So here's my stab at a not-Friday-night post, whooo! Thirteen things that help cut my winter chill.

1. Seed catalogs! The promise of spring, and sprouting little plants and warm earth makes me very happy. I don't think about August and the weeds, just the happy spring planting times!

2. Looking at my Instagram feed from summer months. Color and warmth.

3. Pinterest. Run a search for "sunshine" or "yellow" or "babies." You will smile with the results.

4. Laughter. Just a big old gut bust. Get it where you can. Tonight for me there was a line from Modern Family: "Please don't turn my marrying my daughter into something ugly." Hilarious. (I know, you need context. Trust me.)

5. Music. The Christmas music is long gone; I'm usually done with that by the day of Christmas, easily. Now is the time to get on the upbeat new music, and luckily my dear music friend Jen has provided a lovely sampling for the new year, which I'm able to listen to as I come and go in the car. Happy music is a great way to cut the fog.

6. Pomegranates and grapefruit (not necessarily together, but that can work too). Two winter fruits that I only get to enjoy for a short season, so I REALLY enjoy them. As in, most days I will have one or the other. And my favorite method for hacking a pom? Check it out:

7. Lights. OK, here's where I confess that the Christmas tree is still up. (Husband is embarrassed, a bit, by this turn of events, but I just haven't been very motivated to take it down. I have a feeling this coming weekend will be the golden moment...) Aside from Christmas lights, I'm a big fan of all lights (more or less--flourescent, well, they're not on anyone's love list, are they?)--candles, SAD lights, a little strand of twinkle lights to cut the cold...

8. My Uggy boots. Soft and white and I always warm up when I'm wearing them.

9. Hot chocolate. I have not made nearly enough hot chocolate so far this winter... must work on this!

10. Read recipe books with summer recipes, and fantasize about summer cooking. I can't wait to make summer salads and cobblers and fresh vegetables sautes, straight from the garden.

11. Hot baths. There are times when only a hot bath will warm me all the way up. Glorious!

12. My house uniform... I guess the Uggs could fall under this, but they are truly their own separate warmth generator. For me, coming home and getting into my comfy pants, long-sleeved T shirt and '70s-style tie-wrap sweater is just so rejuvenating at the end of the day. I know, odd to use the word rejuvenating when talking about the end of the day, and relaxing, but it really does give me a second wind to change my clothes and make the transition into the evening. On those rare occasions where I hop right into making dinner and don't take the time to change, my whole evening is less relaxing.

13. Color. Anywhere, anytime. Wandering a fabric store, popping into the flower shop, even browsing spring clothing--though that can be somewhat depressing if I then have to go back and warm my car up to get home... maybe that one should be online only!

What helps you break the winter chill? Tell me. I'm always up for new ideas!

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  1. I'm so with ya on the boots!

  2. If the weather in Australia is any indication, you won't have long to wait for a lot of heat this year. As for me, I'm enjoying the cold here while it lasts. (It's my favorite thing!)

    Tell your husband not to worry so much about the Christmas lights: I once left mine up until July, and took them down shortly after my birthday (midway through the month). I lit them every time something good happened, and on Valentine's Day, as well. :)

    Happy TT to you!

    1. I finally took the tree down today, and felt really late about it! Funny the difference just a couple of weeks makes. I assume your tree wasn't a live tree, to leave up until July? Sounds fun, tho!

  3. I'm in New Zealand and our winter usually consists of rain. It's not so bad, but I do dream of strawberries and getting back to shorts and T-shirts. I also dream of holidays in warmer locales.

  4. 9 and 11 for me. seed catalogues. wonder where ours went. good idea.

    1. Sometimes 9 and 11 are the ONLY things that will really warm me through and through!

  5. I love winter! Thinking about snow and ice and fires in the fireplace are what get me through the dreadfully long Oklahoma summers.

    But when I do get cold, I want to snuggle under my soft fuzzy blanket, with my purring kitty flopped over my feet. A nice cup of hot blackberry tea with honey, and a good book, and I am set for awhile.

    Hang in there. Spring will arrive before you know it.

    1. Oddly, I actually love winter too. Especially with snow... we have been sorely lacking in the snow department lately. The cold and gray seem more bearable with snow...

  6. Thursday came and went and I was in another world but happy to see you kept up the tradition. I can relate to this topic of 'cold' more now that I am back in Canada...not really cold but darn chilly!!!

    Already packing up to return to AZ!!


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