Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday night grateful moment (and a little rant)

Here's the deal. (And I'm not speaking to anyone in particular, really, though if it somehow pokes you, it might be wise to pay attention. Just saying...) When someone appears tired, with tired eyes and puffy skin, don't say anything. "You look tired" is quite possibly the least helpful sentence in existence. Do you think the person is unaware of their sad-sack appearance? Is that somehow supposed to be sympathetic? It's not, really, it's not. I have felt this way for years, and finally decided it's time to just put it out there.

I decided this week that if a superpower could exist for me, it would be to appear rested and refreshed, no matter how I actually feel. I would love that. I love BEING rested and refreshed, but if that's not possible, I'll take just looking the part. I know, how terribly shallow of me. Alas.

Meanwhile, I'm grateful for people who DON'T say "You look tired." See, you knew I'd find a way to segue to the gratitude.

I'm also grateful for the one day of sunshine this week. It was quite cold (and very very icy on the roads), but it was glorious to see blue skies and remember what a sunny day feels like.

I'm grateful that I navigated some very icy roads (two mornings of them) and didn't smash into stuff. I heard tales of bumping and smashing and saw evidence on Facebook too. I'm glad for friends who were in accidents that no injuries (other than to vehicles) were sustained.

So far, no flu. I feel wary in even typing that, but the handwashing and sanitizing around here is epic. I have a feeling that if it were possible, husband would get a sanitizing shower--you know, kind of a hazmat shower situation from a disaster movie, where you go in and get doused with the stuff. Mark my words, I could get one of those for Valentine's and not be surprised. (And not object either, if it keeps me from the sickness stuff. Word is, it's nasty.) I am grateful that even with the so-so sleep, we're all still well. 

Husband is a thoughtful one, and I'm grateful for him. He went out of his way to do something this week because he thought I would appreciate it, not because he wanted to do it... It was very sweet of him. I'm lucky like that.

Seth's home, and first semester finals are behind him. I'm grateful for his presence, his hugs, his humor. 

We have a stocked fridge, the fire is on, and I have nowhere to be for at least 24 hours. What's not to be grateful for in that sentence? Weekends themselves are always a source of gratitude.

I'm grateful for coworkers who care about their work product, and their work environment. It makes a difference, for sure. But doesn't Dilbert make you laugh, sometimes? I can't help myself, even if it doesn't resemble anyone I know. Really.

When the cold seems unrelenting, as it did this week, I am grateful I can run across an image like this on my computer and be instantly transported to a hot July afternoon, when all I want is a little relief from the heat. Can't wait! Look at that green grass! Wild and unruly dahlias! Painted toes! Come on, summer, let's go. Well, that may be just asking to be impatient... how about just a quick, early spring?

I am grateful for promises about my life; that it matters, that my Creator cares more than I can imagine or deserve.

What are you grateful for, as this week draws to an end? I hope there is joy and rest in the days ahead, and that no one tells you "You look tired!" (P.S. In case you are feeling defensive on my behalf--bless you, sweet reader--no one actually told me that this week, but it certainly *could* have happened!)


  1. I'm grateful for a little visit with YOU! Have a blessed weekend! Love ya! ~Shari

  2. I so relate to the "you look tired" comment. I get the "are you okay?" thing every so often. As if I might burst into tears or something. It always makes me wonder exactly WHAT I look like to the world.

    Sunshine is so good. I wait for it every day- it takes a little longer to make its way up the sky because of it being winter and we get sort of dreary mornings. I'm trying not to think too much about the Season Around the Corner which Shall Not Be Named.

    You know what I am grateful for lately? The days when Tom and Gracie are both home for the afternoons/evenings. She is in afterschool programs at her school and spends a bit of time at my parents' and then Tom's at karate a lot so it always seems like we are missing someone. I like it when we're all together in one place. Especially on a weeknight. There's something so sweet about putting in a busy day and then just coming together for dinner and hanging out. No pressure to do anything but relax in our jammies and bliss out.


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